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General Comments

  • We will begin discussion on these today, but given regrets, will not rush to vote on these
  • Sustainability Group working on survey to find what potential supporters would prioritize, and what support they would be able to give;
  • John has been updating FAQ, Bertrand has been translating; Roxana raised question as to when FAQ should reflect suggested changes in draft?  Since WG has not finished reviewing/approving changes, perhaps not now, but when we change draft, should change FAQ to match.   
  • Greg raised question of outreach on (all) WG activities; should we suggest quarterly summary from each WG for Outreach WG to send out?
  • Move through draft
    • new co-author
    • some boilerplate changes 
    • new domain name as ARK Maintenance agency; what we expect to see there
    • More labels added for ARK anatomy
      • Core Immutable Identity (everything but the resolver service)
      • Resolver service
      • Base object name
    • Clarify difference between resolver service and name
    • Perhaps consider version syntax and inflections under larger heading of eg. REST API;
    • Also helpful (FAQ, technical note) on URLs changing (conversion path, upgrade path) what should happen with older version- 302? Other?

IIIF - Implementation Notes -

Discussion items


remove #, add ~

ark:/ becomes ark:[/]

(in many places)  / now optional 

Do we need some sort of guidance/advice on "accepting" / while transitioning; Tom raises general question of content negotiation:  should we indicate version of arks we are transmitting in syntax, rather than depend on content negotiation 

Greg: should we call this deprecated, or indicate old form transitional and indicate how to transition -

John we have to make explicit support for older form, look for correct language on this

Minters SHOULD not use slash;

Resolvers MUST handle /; 

Mark - also should express whether current users should change URLs; 

JOHN where does upgrade path info go?  Separate document?  Appendix? 

Mark will add examples from IIIF

"resolvers to check for inflections before normalizing"

more flexible NAAN
Same digits as NOID  (section 2.3); would enable mapping other id schemes without conflict in future

'?' inflection explicitly includes possibility of HTML with embedded metadata

Max length restriction removed
see new text

Extra: new co-author and IETF boilerplate changes

Extra: new anatomical definitions -- Resolver Service, Base Object Name, Core Immutable Identity

Extra: mention as Maintenance Agency (not AITO)

New proposed change: "http:" to become "https:"

Reflects change in boilerplate; but also think good idea for arks: AGREED

John: deferred to make early important diffs less noisy

New proposed change: NMAH to be renamed NMA (simpler to teach about while still allowing a port designation)

John will add to next draft

John: deferred to make early important diffs less noisy

Discuss: what about making '?' the same as '??' for easier implementation
Possibly related to issue of resolving version

Identifier length

Discussed in expert group discussion last year;  Greg wondering if this is best practice (arbitrary length), plus pragmatic restrictions (db fields);  Challenge for receiving systems would be burden;  Would more conservative approach be better: warning about maximum length (eg anything larger than 255)? Especially since we are transition from hard limit of 128 to no limit - SO lets try new working reflecting current common RDB limits

Action items

  • John will send out draft survey for review
  • All: review FAQ
  • John changes http:// to https:// in all examples in draft 
  • All please comment on other sections/changes as you are able in next day
  • John will put out new draft based on discussion