• John Kunze

  • Kurt Ewoldsen

  • Sayeed Choudhury
  • Kate Wittenberg
  • Brian McBride
  • Roger Schonfeld


  • Shared understanding of current infrastructure costs at CDL

Discussion items

25mKurt, John
  • The call is being recorded.
35mQuestions and discussionAll

KE: Majority of EZID dev/UI costs due to DOI usage
RS: Can we split out ARK from DOI costs?
KW: What's the minimum required cost to keep the lights on?
RS: What's CDL's commitment to DOIs?
RS: Is EZID the AITO responsibility?
JK: No

RS: is $70K the minimum needed?
KE: yes, however, there's more needed in terms of community, eg, if someone
gave us that money, it would still be a CDL project, that requires CDL to
keep running it.
RS: why isn't it just a question of revenue?
JK: we need help understanding who/what org gets paid the $70K to continue
ARK infrastructure
KE: agreed; how can we come up with $300K / year for phase1 goals and also next gen resolver?
KW: is there a need that we're responding to? if not, are we willing to keep it going regardless of need?
Is there a customer base to keep this going?
KE: I think the latter. We are in uncharted waters. What does it mean to see
all the expressions of interest we've seen
KW: what if we break down all the costs, divided the total by the number of people in the community, and ask if they would be willing to pay that amount
KE: yes, there are people paying vendors, some running their own infrastructure
RS: sounds very service oriented, like Crossref
KE: John and I will try to refine language around the value proposition
KW: can we talk about the minimum viable product
JK: maybe a Crossref-type org is the right model

Action items

  • JK and KE will try to refine language around the value proposition