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Jon Corson-Rikert will be leading this week's call.

VIVO 1.5.1

VIVO 1.5.1 was released Monday, October 15. Many thanks to all who contributed through bug reporting, development, and testing.


Demo of RIS2N3 Tool

David Cliffe, Indiana University:

So I’m looking to make available a tool I developed that helped with a VIVO implementation here at IU – I’ve had a look at the wiki, and found a link to VIVO tools

That page provides a link to contact to nominate additional tools, which is the

I figured it may make more sense to just email the dev list.

The tool in question is RIS2N3 -

It converts RIS plain text files containing citations into N3, and in doing so, also creates the predicate relationships between authors and publications (and journals and articles etc.)

It’s not complete, and probably never will be, but I thought it may be of use to others. We had a poster about it at the last VIVO conference, where a few people mentioned interest.

Notes from the presentation:

Moving to Git/GitHub, Converting the Wiki

We plan to convert the Vitro and VIVO repositories from Subversion to Git, and store them on GitHub. This will likely occur within a week or two of release 1.5.1
Jim is using the SVN to Git tool, which besides straight conversion handles the conversion of the tags that have a different meaning in Git from SVN. He is also restructuring the repository so it looks like we have been following the Gitflow convention of repositories, where there is a master branch containing only the code releases.

Our tentative plan is to convert the VIVO Wiki on SourceForge into one or more Confluence spaces, on a system hosted by DuraSpace.
Question – does Confluence support OpenId? If so, a person could use OpenId on both Github and a Confluence wiki.

More details on the developer's list, as they become available.

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