The Islandora Newspaper Solution Pack is a Paged Content collection that is similar to the Book solution pack, with a few key differences. Unlike a book collection, a newspaper collection is intended to represent a single publication, and each object inside that collection is intended to represent a single issue of that publication. Another level down, each object is intended to represent a page of that particular issue. The Newspaper Solution Pack is designed to make it easier to navigate between issues and pages of a single publication - closer to the nature of a newspaper or magazine - as opposed to a book, which is more commonly read page-by-page.



As of release, the Newspaper Solution Pack is incomplete and still considered to be in 'beta'. However, a repository exists on Github's Islandora page at https://github.com/Islandora/islandora_solution_pack_newspaper, on the branch 7.x-release. For those interested in trying out the module, it can be cloned from https://github.com/Islandora/islandora_solution_pack_newspaper.git.


Adding a newspaper, issue and page

The Islandora Newspaper Solution Pack comes with several different content models that are intended to be ingested in a particular order:

  1. A child collection is set up and given the Islandora newspaper content model. This represents the publication that issues will be added to.
  2. Inside that collection, a new object is created; this will automatically be given the Islandora newspaper issue content model.
  3. Within that new object, pages are added. These are automatically given the Islandora newspaper page content model.

Because you will be ingesting multiple issues of a publication that contains extremely similar MODS records, it is recommended to install the MARCXML Module so that the MARCXML record from one issue can be uploaded into other issues. Check the MARCXML Module page for more information on downloading and ingesting MARCXML files.

Creating issue derivatives

Once pages are added and sorted in an issue, you can use the 'Collection' section of the issue's 'Manage' tab to create derivatives:

Page controls

When looking at an individual page, navigation options will be given above the viewing window, listed below from left to right:


The Islandora Newspaper Solution Pack configuration page is accessible at http://path.to.your.site/admin/islandora/newspaper, and includes the following options:

Create Page Derivatives Locally

This section allows you to configure the Newspaper Solution Pack module to create derivative datastreams for pages. The following derivative datastreams can be set, with their accompanying dependencies:

TN, JPEG, JP2Large Image Solution Pack

Islandora OCR

Page Viewers

This section changes how Islandora handles a request in the 'View' tab of a newspaper's page object. Islandora includes out-of-the-box support for OpenSeadragon; otherwise, no viewer will be available. Check the OpenSeadragon page for more information on installing this component.

Content Models, Prescribed Datastreams and Forms

The Newspaper Solution Pack comes with the following objects in http://path.to.your.site/admin/islandora/solution_packs:

A newspaper issue ingested with all derivative creation options checked will have the following datastreams:


Default Fedora relationship metadata

MODSMODS metadata form


Dublin Core record


Thumbnail image

PDFConcatenated PDF compiled with Ghostscript

Check Islandora Paged Content for information on an individual page's datastreams.

The Newspaper Solution Pack comes with the Islandora Newspaper MODS form.