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Call-in Information

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

To join the online meeting:


Development Process


(star) Indicating note-taker

  1. Ralph O'Flinn
  2. Kitio Fofack 
  3. Tim Worrall 
  4. Muhammad Javed 

  5. Jim Blake (star)

  6. Martin Barber
  7. Don Elsborg
  8. Qazi Asim Ijaz Ahmad
  9. Andrew Woods
  10. Benjamin Gross
  11. Brian Lowe
  12. Marijane White


  1. 1.10 Release Candidate
    1. 2018-05-21 - 1.10 Release Planning Meeting
    2. Release Testing - 1.10.0
    3. Policy - Release Candidates
    4. Blockers
      1. VIVO-1497 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      2. VIVO-1483 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    5. On the fence
      1. VIVO-1451 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    6. Documentation details for sites to include the Data Distribution API in local installations
      1. Do sites need to make any changes beyond updates to the pom.xml?
  2. VIVO Slack... approaching 10k message threshold (at 9.3k)
  3. VIVO Conf unconference session ideas?
  4. Next sprint? Sept 17-28
  5. Suggested updates from Michael J. Giarlo
    1. VIVO-1502 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    2. VIVO-1503 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Draft notes in Google-Doc

Pre-meeting conversation

  • Don -- Who will be attending the Developer workshop? Want to try the Maven-based 3rd tier, try the Vagrant VM?

    • Jim - if people can give the Vagrant a try, it may help with the workshop prep. Don will be working on the README.

    • Using IntelliJ vs. Eclipse? We will be looking for participation.

    • Putting together that E-mail to the developer group, and to attendees that aren't in the group.'

Meeting conversation

  1. 1.10 Release Candidate -- The thrust of Sprint 2, this week and next week.

    1. Release Testing - 1.10.0

      1. Looking for feedback from the community. Completeness? Correctness?

      2. This is the checklist that will determine whether a "release candidate" becomes a "release".

      3. Don: will be hoping to test with 3-tier Vagrant. Don: it might be good to have a release of VIVO Harvester with matching release number.

      4. Don: are we serving the sites that do bulk ingest? Benjamin: we only rely on the SPARQL Update API, not the Harvester. Note: Don will reach out to John Fereira.

      5. Andrew: In general, we aren't testing the APIs. How can we do that? Jim: perhaps look at the list of AcceptanceTests.

    2. Policy - Release Candidates

      1. CHECK IT OUT - Suggestions regarding testing, etc.

    3. Blockers (Ralph -- the MD5 issue is missing from this list -- Hmmm)

      1. VIVO-1497 - Overview can not be manually edited IN REVIEW

        1. Some assertions were (accidentally?) removed in the Ontology restructuring, and some functionality was lost.

        2. Trying to decide the best way to handle this -- restore the assertions that we know are needed? Or restore all assertions that were removed?

      2. VIVO-1483 - VIVO hangs on startup after upgrading using jena3tools IN REVIEW

        1. Need more people to test this. Currently, only Mike is seeing a problem with this fix. If others see the problem also, it may make it easier to isolate. Ralph will test with a populated database. Others are welcome.

        2. Andrew will try to reproduce. Don may try also.

      3. Additional issue from Benjamin. Others? Make it happen before the blockers are resolved.

    4. Documentation details for sites to include the Data Distribution API in local installations

      1. Do sites need to make any changes beyond updates to the pom.xml?

        1. No code changes, but documentation about updating the pom.xml

        2. No other changes required -- Benjamin

    5. IF ISSUES AREN'T DONE by the time the blockers are finished, then they will be delayed until 1.10.1 (3rd quarter 2018?)


  • Andrew to help out with reviews later this week
  • Jim and Benjamin to suggest reviewers for their code changes
  • Huda to create a Jira issue to track the security concerns: I created the issue here: VIVO-1504 - Getting issue details... STATUS but didn't see a way to set privacy on the issue so have not put much detail there. I will email Ralph some details as well. 

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