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Cluster at Universitatea de Vest din Timişoara


Clustered?Yes4 nodes*
Processing hardware

QEMU Virtual CPU version (cpu64-rhel6)

4096k Cache 2.0 GHz

Operating system64 bitUbuntu 13.04
Memory8GB (1GB Heap)16 are available if needed
Allocated Storage116 GBnon-shared
Persistence I/O10GB/smounted via Infiniband
Network I/O10GB/sInfiniband


  • Currently only 3 nodes are provided, a fourth node is currently a work in progress at the UVT in Romania
  • Each machine has two drives: 
    • 1 x 50 GB drive with Ubuntu installed. The drive is /dev/vda 1 small /boot partition 
    • 1 LVM PV partition spanning the rest of the disk 
    • The Root LVM Logical Volume is of ~16GB and can be resized with 23 more GB.
    •  1 x 116 GB drive empty. The drive is /dev/vdb


  • There are two networks available: 
    • eth0: DHCP Assigned private address. Used for internet access or whatever you want. The connectivity is *1Gbps*. 
    • eth1: Static Assigned address. Usable by you for whatever you want. You can change the addresses assigned by us to whatever you want on this interface. The connectivity is *~10Gbps*. We have capacity for up to 40Gbps but there are some limitations in our current Infiniband setup that caused some security concerns, including this setup delay. For now the 10Gbps is run as Ethernet over IP (more exactly vxlan inside an OpenVSwitch fabric).
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