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DSpace 7 UpdateTim

Discussion: Communicating about What's In DSpace 7

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Carol, Tim


DSpace 7 Update

  • The small DSpace 7 development team is making good progress on 4 aspects of the new user interface:
  • (demo web site is updated auto each time code is committed)
  • Bridge between what has been done and outreach group—please add your comments
  • new search features and visualizations coming by early Q1 2018
  • There is a focus on backwards compatibiility to DSpace 6 in submission process—end of year, going well
  • Authentication and authorization, my DSpace page also are in process

OR2018 submissions by Jan 5

  • 2 workshops planned: rest api and UI customizations (for developers, technical ease with html would be helpful) plus update preso in general conference track
  • promoting the new UI for repository managers 
  • Send OR workshop/presentation feedback to Tim

Communicating about What's In DSpace 7

  • Yes this group will develop a general message (not documentation)—focus not only what is new but what are main features
  • series of topics with focus on specific DSpace 7 features—fact sheet
  • core features focus
  • Process: Fact sheet for DSpace 6—list, and then map into 7
  • Jan 3, Jose Carvalho will develop Dspace 6 list for review by Jan. 3

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