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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.





  • Convening efforts to reach out and deeply engage the DSpace community in the aspects of DSpace 7 development. 
  • Next meeting Feb 1: 12:00 PM ET; UTC 17:00, on

Discussion items

Welcome and introductionsAll
Determine ongoing meeting time/date
Brainstorm ideas for what this group should work on in support of DSpace 7All

Discuss how the current collection of Use Cases can be split up into:

  • Things that are definitely targetted for DSpace 7 (e.g. already existing DSpace behaviour)

Things that are more long term and that are not yet marked for (definite) inclusion in DSpace 7

  • Discuss how to put together the test plan for DSpace 7


Welcome and introductions

  • Thanks to everyone for joining!

Determine ongoing meeting time/date

  • Bi-weekly, Wednesdays, 12:00 PM ET; UTC 17:00
  • Next meeting Feb 1
  • Please note tasks to be completed by Feb 1 (below)

Brainstorm ideas for what this group should work on in support of DSpace 7

  • Communicate with the community
    • Use email lists, updates at DCAT
    • Conferences where DSpace 7 work should be highlighted
      • OAI 10
      • Repository Fringe
      • Open Repositories
    • Establish conferences of note for DSpace 7 wiki page (Carol)
    • Compiling a list of list serves to reflect DSpace 7 messages out through
    • Establish list of lists for DSpace 7 messages wiki page (Carol)
    • Blog post updates
      • Write update (Carol)
      • Review update (All)
    • Do we have lists of specific types of DSpace repository implementors?
      • No
      • Should we develop/distribute a short repository implementors survey to the DSpace community?
        • Aim is to determine how the DSpace market is segmented, or get an idea of features that are used now
        • How many are IRs, or other types?
    • Develop questions for review/discussion (Jose)

Discuss how the current collection of Use Cases can be split etc.

  • BIG topic!
  •  Will share initial thoughts that are in this direction
    • We have a basic set of use cases that describe DSpace at the moment
    • Do not cover 100% of potential functionality of DSpace 7
    • Not all are translated into system functionality—need to be careful of evolution
    • We currently have 2 UIs that will be translated into to a common UI; not all features are implemented in the same way
  • This group will be helpful in:
    • Reviewing all the use cases and identifying gaps
    • Reaching out to the community to ask for feedback that can be used it in different ways
    • Provide differentiation in design
    • Process of going from requirements to system will be designed
  • Development of DSpace 7 has begun; in order not to block we need to know that development will happen in a particular order
    • We start with core functionality; focus on search/browse, authorization
    • Useful to focus on browse and search first
    • identity use cases that relate to browse and search—identified 12 use cases that relate—will share after meeting (Wouter)
  • We are talking about use cases in developers meetings, behavior of the system; non-functional requirements could be discussed such as accessibility standards and others
  • Can we have access to priorities, timeline, JIRA board?
    • Yes, fleshing out the roadmap, will be available on the wiki

Use cases related to browse and search

Currently, the following use cases describe the search and browse functionalities of DSpace.

Action Items

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