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Title (Goal)Integrate standard file format identifiers & validators
Primary ActorAdministrator
ScopeOne component - checking of files against file format registry on submission
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)Standard file format identifiers and validators such as JHOVE2 and/or PRONOM are in-built, so that the administrator does not have to go and manually check these resources every time a new file extension occurs in a submitted Item, which has not been previously incorporated into the file format registry. Currently this takes up a fair bit of time for our team, since we have a multidisciplinary data repository, and new file formats are being invented all the time. Of course we'd still need the curators to manage the file format registry, and make decisions on whether a format should be categorised as 'supported' or just 'known', but having the automatic PRONOM lookup would make that process quicker and easier. uc-admin ?