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Title (Goal)Reviewers can leave notes to each other on pool tasks / tag states
Primary ActorAdministrator
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)The current review workflow appears to assume that submissions can be processed immediately upon submission. However, this is not always the case; for example, repository staff may have to contact the publisher to obtain approval. These submissions currently have to sit either on someone's task list (risking that the task becomes stalled if something happens to that staff member) or go back in the workflow tasks pool, where they may cause confusion or double handling if they are picked up by a different staff member who isn't aware that someone is already working on it. It would be great if reviewers could leave each other comments (eg "contacted XYZ publisher on date; name"). It would also be great if these tasks could be "tagged", for example as "waiting for publisher approval", so that they can be easily spotted in the list of workflow tasks.


  1. This use case was brought up at the workshop about the DSpace review workflow at OR2015.

    Harvard DASH have a custom workflow "work bench" that has read access to the DSpace database and provides this functionality (amongst other functionality, eg overview of all current workflow tasks). Auckland University of Technology and the University of Waikato have "mark as with academic" / "mark as with publisher" states to "park" a task, implemented as a customisation in XMLUI.

  2. This can be achieved using custom metadata, free text for note or dropdown/checkbox for known list of tags. With the functionalities in MyDSpace as a dashboard proposed for inclusion in DSpace 7 this information can be used to filter and search the list of tasks