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Title (Goal)Reviewers retain a track record of what they've processed/approved
Primary ActorAdministrator
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

When a reviewer approves (or otherwise processes) a task, this task should be added to some sort of tracking area so that the reviewer can easily find the resulting item again. JSPUI currently at least shows the item's handle once the item is live; XMLUI doesn't even do that. However, it would be good to get the handle not just immediately after approval but in a more permanent area too. Administrators may even wish to be able to pull together lists of all items processed by a given staff member.

The immediate notification is important eg for repository staff who wish to tweet about a recently approved item using the handle and do not wish to wait for the item to appear in the "recently added" list. The more permanent record may be useful eg for audit purposes.

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  1. This use case was brought up at the workshop about the DSpace review workflow at OR2015.