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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and IRC chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:

  • Time: 11:00am Eastern Daylight Time US (UTC-4)
  • U.S.A/Canada toll free: 866-740-1260, participant code: 2257295
  • International toll free: 
    • Use the above link and input 2257295 and the country you are calling from to get your country's toll-free dial-in number
    • Once on the call, enter participant code 2257295
  • IRC:



  1. Islandora / F4 migration update
  2. LDP "Link: constrainedBy"  FCREPO-1418 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  3. Open Repositories committer meeting planning
  4. From last week: High-priority issues

    • Audit issues:
      1. fixity  FCREPO-1407 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      2. internal/external URIs  FCREPO-1507 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • LDP
      1. etags  FCREPO-1498 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      2. response subjects  FCREPO-1474 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      3. post/patch constrained-by  FCREPO-1418 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      4. put to fail if triples not persisted  FCREPO-1417 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      5. collapse binary and description properties  FCREPO-1540 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      6. create point-like objects  FCREPO-1470 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      7. disallow put/patch with RDF that includes other subjects  FCREPO-1411 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Performance
      1. GC error  FCREPO-1294 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      2. blank node map  FCREPO-1302 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Clean up
      1. remove UUID from default transform  FCREPO-1552 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      2. remove UUID from responses  FCREPO-1539 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      3. remove Blanknode from ontology  FCREPO-1394 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      4. 403 when updating pairtree resources  FCREPO-1505 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      5. update mechanism for client-provided checksums  FCREPO-1468 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • UI
      1. Enable creation of container with text/turtle body  FCREPO-1454 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  5. Tickets resolved this week:

    Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

  6. Tickets created this week:

    Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

  7. ...



- Greetings

11.05 - 11.10 (1)
- Andrew: Close to initial round of upgration pilots. Any comments?
- Mike/Denny: Not much activity, perhaps later this week (work on a ticket or two).
- David pilot standing: Talking to Carol about drafting a message that summarizes where we are
with the pilots. Expect a message next week message about pilot outcomes. Some info already
in the wiki (from Columbia, etc). Pilots are at various stages. National Library of Wales ran into a (few) issue(s) (GC issue) and Glenn looked at it.
- Andrew to Mike: The Javadoc issue should be resolved now. In 4.1.1, one dependency got bumped up (by Osman) that broke the Javadoc.

11.10 (2)
- Some IRC activity this morning regarding "Link: constrainedBy".
- Jared: LDP compliance failing a test because of data header.
- FCPREO-1418 lists many solution approaches.
- Andrew: In LDP specification, it states if a server
does not allow a POST or PATCH to succeed, in the response there must be a constrainedBy header.
- ajs6f: Note the spec mentions: "and a target URI identifying a set of constraints".
- Andrew mentions community approaches, e.g., having static page on why some request failed. Little bit of ambiguity, but there are some success stories.
- ajs6f: Preferable to have dereferencable mechanism. How precise and machine-actionable it can be made is a question, but things can be made better. It could be a "human" thing, e.g., "your RDF sucks!". We do have MalformedRdfException, so there could be similar exceptions that have messages like 'your request contains a subject not part of the resource'. Alternatively (to static pages), a dereferenceable link. May be very had to make things actionable. But definite improvement to ergonomics.
- [Phone disconnect and call drop.]
- Esme: RDF is not only human readable but machine actionable
- Andrew: So. . . Feelings one way or the other?
- Esme advocating for external ontology like approach. "Seems easiest to me". Network access issue would be better handled, etc. Andrew: Seems a bit tighter.
- ajs6f: My use case is while travelling, if I'm disconnected, things should still function. But not a strong enough use case. In some ways, having a coherent artifact is "kind of nice".

11.35 (3)

- Andrew: Meeting is for the general tech community (not just committers). Please add/remove names and agenda to the page.
- Two specifc topics that recently came up: (a) ? (b) Private proposal from Data Conservancy. DC has some use case that in F3 terms would be considered a disseminator. Design focus on using Camel and addressing various dissemeniatior like scenarios and possibly having JAX-RS drop in modules (i.e., not part of code base).

11.45 (4, 5, 6)

- Andrew: For the LDP section are there tickets that folks will be working on (soon)? (Silence.)
- Andrew: Garbage collection issue faced by the National Library of Wales. Might be addressed by the work that Mike is doing. So, it might get tackled in another way (tool) but Andrew suspect there might be still an issue lurking (John might be able to take a llok at in the sprint).
- Ticket regarding subject not part of resource. Might already be addressed and is related to the work Jared is doing for the other constraints. Jared to look at 1411 - 1442 to see if that's not the case.
- Clean up tickets: Yinlin is working on a, b, c. Esme to continue work.


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