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facilitator: Rob Sanderson

Things to Things


  • provenance
  • annotations as nanopub

Degrees of sameness

Outside our domain?

  • no need to be perfect

Event stream

Use case – authorities

Deleted resources – tombstones

Entities joining/splitting

Alternate identities


  • certainty and risk aversion
  • more data = better, = more uses (question)

(new group)


Reconcile at work level

Context – what we use the data for!

Reconcile most discriminant attributes

Similarity pocky (question) for sameness

  • certainty?
  • risk aversion
  • discovery vs. inference/data management
  • schema:samas – avoiding the alt itoces (question)

Indexing & uncertainty

  • perfect as enemy of good enough
  • sameAs external link as vote for URI
  • distinctness different for different types of entity

special cases are special: Bible, Mark Twain

(new group)

Services like ref. cleaning

  • identify auth. we trust
    • e.g., VIAF
  • map between authorities
    • devil in details for mapping
    • mechanism to address errors in auth!
    • disambiguate

"Authority" – what do we really mean?

  • Wikipedia/media wiki as authority
  • Open URI resolver?
  • endorsement of approach by adopters
  • divide and conquer easy bits
  • start with under-served domains
  • cheaper going forward
  • market will decide on URIs to use
  • vocab/facet reconciliation
  • places & dates, concepts with multilingual

(new group)

Ontology alignment

Global auth & global contexts

Dynamic entities : join/split

Pseudonym – Europe vs. US

Local assertion = local URI

Pre-existing identifiers

Link all the things

Subjects broader issue than people

  • sameness degree?
  • certainty?

Tools to produce the data?

  • languages and character sets
  • different to strings to things
  • service to publish alignments
  • provenance important for trust





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