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Title (Goal)Create the ability to place "dynamic collections" (pre-faceted view of a collection) within the community hierarchy.
Primary ActorHuman
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

A collection exists for an academic department. User needs to view only the ETD's in that collection.

Rather than modifying the sub-community/collection hierarchy to accomplish this, a dynamic collection could provide a filtered view into a logical collection without requiring the user to select faceted searches.


  1. Terrence W Brady is this almost like a Collection as a "Saved Search"? 

    So, based on your example, are you asking for the ability to create a "dynamic collection" which is essentially configured to only display Items which have "department=Mathematics" and "type=ETD"?  Visitors to that collection would then just see the results of that "saved search" (but it would appear as if it still was a "Collection").

    Just trying to clarify the use case in my mind. It definitely sounds interesting (and possible). But, I wasn't sure if I was overlooking a key part of this use case.

  2. Tim Donohue, your understanding is correct.  This is essentially promoting the saved search into the collection hierarchy.

    As I re-read this use case, I believe that these saved searches would need to be created explicitly (since they would have a name) as opposed to dynamically generated as new facet values are discovered.

    Kate Dohe, do you have additional thoughts on this?