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Title (Goal)Structure - Create / manage files and metadata (as an Item)
Primary ActorEnd User
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

Users should be able to easily manage the contents of a submission.

User will walk through process of grouping appropriate content files and descriptions for submission.

User should not be bound to specific rules concerning the organization and/or hierarchy of their content files, instead, they should be able to use current practices as facto means for organization. Examples include:

  • directory structure of folders and files.
  • zip file with folder/file paths in manifest
  • individual files.
  • known formats produced by commonly used tools (MS Word XML format)

user should be able to easily upload a zip package and construct an item of bitstreams without much thought or work in organizing the content.

User should be able to "reorganize" the content as desired after upload. System should not force artificial internally defined terminology like "Item" and "Bitstream" on user









  1. This seems to us (Kate Dohe and Terry Brady) as multiple use cases that might benefit from unpacking. IE, "reorganization of items" and "easy upload" of items.

  2. Agreed that there are several use cases in one here. We also have some overlapping use cases which describe parts of this, the biggest one being:

    This use case is also related loosely to Structure - Community and Collection hierarchy (or generic containers) in that it is also talking about a more flexible content model / hierarchy (though in this use case it's the Item / Bitstream hierarchy rather than the Community / Collection one).