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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.



  1. Welcome and Introductions (Michele, 15 mins)
  2. Overview of the DSpace 8.0 Release (Andrea & Art, 60 mins)
    1. Over of 8.0 New Features / Major Changes
      1. Andrea will provide an overview of 8.0 features that 4Science will be highlighting in the panel (15 min)
      2. Art will provide an overview of 8.0 features that Atmire will be highlighting in the panel (15 mins)
    2. Overview of Upgrade process from v7 to v8
      1. Andrea will provide an overview of backend major changes between 7.x and 8.x. These include: Java 17 & Embedded Tomcat. Jakarta EE (javax → jakarta). 10 mins)
      2. Art will provide an overview of  frontend major changes between 7.x and 8.x.  These include: Angular 17, migrating to standalone components, themed components & new linting rules (20 mins).
  3. Open Discussion / Presentations (see "Topic Sign Up" below) (Pascal, ~1.5 hours)
    1. Attendees are encouraged to bring anything they have built or are planning to build for DSpace. Demonstrations are welcome/encouraged. This is an opportunity to receive feedback from other developers or find potential collaborators. DSpace Committers will be in attendance to answer questions or provide tips/tricks. Committers will similarly share any newfeatures they may be working on (or brainstorming) for future releases.

Topic Sign Up

In order to present an idea or request a topic be discussed, we ask that you propose your topic in this sign-up form.  Please add your name next to any topic you wish to discuss, along with a brief overview of the topic (including relevant links).  Topics may only be suggested by attendees.

  1. New python library for managing dspace: dspyce  (10 mins)
    1. Proposed by: Eike Löhden, Jörg Bieszczak (University Marburg)
    2. Brief overview: With dspyce, we are developing a library to communicate with DSpace via RestAPI (or SAF). The library is still under development. It enables you to add, retrieve, update or delete data in DSpace, to work with bitstreams, entities and statistics. We could provide a short overview about the functionalities and would discuss further needs.
  2. Improvements to the login process when multiple provider are enabled (10 mins)
    1. Proposed by: Andrea Bollini (4Science) 
    2. Brief overview: Porting of the Improvements to the ORCID Login Flow made in DSpace-CRIS and future opportunities to extend it to other providers.  Goal is to have this included in DSpace 9.0
  3. Linking of file access rights to special metadata field (5 mins)
    1. Proposed by David Gerner (NTK)
    2. Brief Overview: In order to be able to search and filter items according to access right of the primary file, it would make sense to able to configure special metadata field which inherits the access right value of the primary bitstream of an item. It could be also a valuable information to pass on in case of metadata-only harvest. 
  4. Choosing contributor roles with qualdrop value input type (10  mins)
    1. Proposed by David Gerner (NTK)
    2. Brief overview: How to deal with a plethora of contributor roles? Is each special role supposed to have it's own relationship type? And if so, is it possible to choose the contributor type along with its relationship using qualdrop value input field type instead of having dedicated voluntary field for each contributor type?
  5. Metadata description of related items which are not in the repository (10 mins)
    1. Proposed by David Gerner (NTK)
    2. Brief overview: We have a special metadata schema oriented at related items (enabling us to describe items without identifiers which are not in our repository). However, for multiple related items to work correctly, we need to find a way to bundle multiple metadata filed into clusters, so that it is apparent which metadata describe which related item.
  6. Process for adding DSpace modules (15 mins)
    1. Proposed by: Nicholas Woodward  
    2. Brief overview: At some point in the past the ability to incorporate modules or add-ins into DSpace via "[dspace]/modules/additions/pom.xml" was developed. But the only example I've found so far that takes advantage of this functionality is the Replication Task Suite. I had a discussion with someone recently at a conference who wanted to include some basic web archiving into the submission process, and while thinking about how I could do this without needing to include everything in the core DSpace application the modules approach came to mind. But before doing any more planning I'd like to know if this is still how things are expected to work in DSpace 8 and beyond.
  7. Brainstorming the Future of DSpace (9.0 and beyond).  (~30 mins)
    1. Proposed by Tim Donohue 
    2. Brief Overview:  This is an opportunity for attendees to talk about what they'd like to see out of DSpace in the future. What features, functionality or improvements would you like to see in future DSpace releases?  If you were able to prioritize the DSpace Roadmap, what is the highest priority feature/improvement on your list?  Is there any other feedback you have for DSpace Committers & Governance about upcoming releases?

Additional Topics (if time allows)

  1. DSpace 8.0: The new correction & publication claim services
    1. Proposed by: Andrea Bollini (4Science) 
    2. Brief overview: DSpace 8 introduces two new major services / framework that have been used to implement some of the new features introduced with DSpace 8 such as the OpenAIRE Broker Integration, the COAR Notify and Withdrawn/Reinstate workflow (see Quality Assurance , Publication Claim). These frameworks are expected to be used to implement more features and integrations in the next dspace versions and are a good fit for many use cases.
  2. DSpace 8.0: The COAR Notify protocol
    1. Proposed by: Andrea Bollini (4Science) 
    2. Brief overview: opportunity for asynchronous interoperability between other systems and DSpace (see also )
  3. DSpace 8.0: New themed component and linting rules
    1. Proposed by: Art Lowel (Atmire) 
    2. Brief overview: changed how making a component themeable works, in order to lower the chance of making a mistake. I could give an overview of what's changed, what you need to know to upgrade existing themes. We can also discuss and in that regard
  4. Example Topic
    1. Proposed by: 
    2. Brief overview:
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