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The COAR Notify Initiative is developing and accelerating community adoption of a standard, interoperable, and decentralised approach to linking research outputs hosted in the distributed network of repositories with resources from external services such as overlay-journals and open peer review services, using linked data notifications. As part of this project, COAR is funding the development of platforms and systems to support the exchange of linked data notifications across partner organisations and the workflows to manage notifications in those platforms and systems.

The application can receive and send LDN (Linked Data Notifications) messages concerning items with external systems. The LDN system is the protocol of message exchanging; the Quality Assurance system is the mechanism used to approve or reject item updates.

Enable COAR Notify

To enable COAR Notify, you MUST first enable the following:

In addition, the following settings MUST be added to your local.cfg:

  • ldn.enabled = true
  • Add the "ldnmessage" consumer to the list of consumers in "event.dispatcher.default.consumers"

Available COAR Notify configurations:

ldn.enabled = true|false (REQUIRED)

true => message is received and managed the server responds with an HTTP 202 code
false => message is refused and the server responds with an HTTP 404 code

event.dispatcher.default.consumers (REQUIRED)


Add the "ldnmessage" consumer to this list of default consumers.  This consumer is used to store LDN (Linked Data Notification) messages.

ldn.notify.inbox =${dspace.server.url}/ldn/inbox

Where the ldn inbox rest service is mapped on the current DSpace instance. Default is ${dspace.server.url}/ldn/inbox

ldn.ip-range.enabled = true|false

enables the validation against the IP of received ldn message against the registered range

COAR Notify Support page in User Interface

By default, when COAR Notify is enabled, the COAR Notify logo will appear in the footer of the site.  Clicking that logo will bring you to a basic Support Page (/info/coar-notify-support) which provides details for how other systems may send notifications to your DSpace.

If you wish to disable the COAR Notify logo & Support page from appearing, that can be done in the following User Interface configuration (in your "config.*.yml"):

# When set to "true", the COAR Notify logo will appear in the footer linking to the Support page.
# When set to "false", the COAR Notify logo will not appear, and the Support page will return a 404. 
# NOTE: This setting only impacts the logo & support page. If you have enabled COAR Notify,
# it will still function even when this logo / support page is not displayed.
  enableCOARNotifySupport: true

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