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Discovery (WP3)

  • for issues etc. 
  • Draft of a discovery plan:
  • Strand 1: production piece 
    • Production requirements and functionality – Production decision points
    • Discogs data use - in production since January 2021
      • ACTION (during March D&A sprint): Tim Worrall will raise usability testing for D&A queue (don't carry forward in notes as now outside of LD4P)
        • 3/12: Will be raised in sprint next week
  •  Strand 2: research: how to go from knowledge graph to an index
    • Research decision points, Use cases 
    • First goal: DASH! dashboard (full page for entity) that extends on the idea of an embedded knowledge panel, aim to have functional prototype for end of year
    • DASH! (Displaying Authorities Seamlessly Here)
      • Dashboard design meeting kickoff notes - will also try to understand what our data will support or connections to other data sources
      • 2021-02-19 Tim has been working on entity page. Notes a number of issues with the Historopedia timeline such as items with same date being hidden, but performance is good
        • 2021-03-05 Tim resolved a number of issues. Next week will return to work on this and deal with influence-for and influenced-by presentation
        • 2021-03-19 Tim still working on this
    • 2021-03-12: Considering KPAOW zero (streamlined knowledge panels). Have begun discussing what should go in a streamlined version.
      • ACTION - Huda Khan to line up meeting with D&A user reps
        • DONE: Scheduled for April 9th, 9-10 (Moved the LD4P3 meeting to this time)
    • Planning for discovery work - Next steps
      • Usability testing for DASH
        • Confirm gift card process with financial office
          • 3/19: Financial office waiting for their own IRB process (as they noted earlier).  Can still send out recruitment emails soon
        • Recruitment emails to be sent out next week
          • 2021-03-19 Planning to use Tobi and Wendy's contacts and email forwarding
        • Should be able to tie up any development on author/subject by end of March, so considering first two weeks of April for scheduling tests
          • 2021-03-19 On target
        • Need to finalize usability tasks for both authors and subjects
      • User reps D&A meeting: Need to re-follow up
      • SVDE Works
        • 2021-03-19 Steven has looked at SVDE works and is thinking about how to find works via ISBN to then find other Instances. Is looking via SPARQL on Dave's ingested data
      • eResources
        • Discussion with small group regarding call number classifications on e-resources, where there is/isn't sufficient metadata compared to equivalent/related physical objects.  Possibility of gathering some useful examples around needs/wishes around e-resource discovery. 

Linked-Data Authority Support (WP2)

  • Qa Sinopia Collaboration – Support and evolve QA+cache instance for use with QA
    • 2021-03-19:
      • No meetings this week for QA/Sinopia this week.
      • See Steven's comments on ShareVDE data.  Dave wants to look at making a direct connection to ShareVDE GraphQL API and translate it on-the-fly to something that QA can work with.  There are going to be some complexities with how to structure queries and extended context based on the variability of data shapes.
  • Search API Best Practices for Authoritative Data working group
    • 2021-03-19:
      • Created the charter for the next working group describing the expected outputs for change management.  I plan to announce the charter on Monday and begin reaching out to individuals to get folks on board.
  • Cache Containerization Plan - Develop a sustainable solution that others can deploy
    • 2021-03-19
      • Lynette began documenting the deployment to AWS adding in an overview, background knowledge, and architecture sections.  Next is to start looking at how to use the templates.
      • Greg is going to follow up with Dave about how to work with him on his containerization efforts
      • Expect to work on demo screencast after refining documentation

Developing Cornell's functional requirements in order to move toward linked data

  • C.f. Stanford functional requirements document:
  • What does success look like? And then how do we get there? 
  • Miro board (diagramming): 
  • Notes space:
  • 2021-02-05 discussion
    • Purpose? Vision for mid-term (3-5 years) transition to support linked-data at Cornell. May include things we don't yet have or cannot yet do, but not long-term vision of post-MARC environment
    • Important to understand sources of truth (primary data) and where there is derivative data
    • Imagine landscape with items described in multiple formats including at least MARC, BF, DC (eCommons), JSTOR
    • Imagine all items indexed and discoverable via D&A
    • Functions of "Aggregated index, allowing pivoting & ETL"
      • Includes current functionality of Frances' indexing
      • Does it include any editing?
      • Is there interaction with CULAR?
      • Includes indexing associated with DCP
    • What interfaces or functionality do we expect for the connecting lines?
    • Do we need a diagram for now (or at least July 1, 2021 with Voyager gone)?
  • 2021-03-19 Jason/Steven/Simeon created separate diagrams and Jason is working on a combined picture

Other Topics

  • PCC/Sinopia and SVDE shape analysis
    • 2021-03-19 Steven has been working through a spreadsheet of 400+ lines to compare the shape of SVDE data with the PCC/Sinopia profile. He is finding that there are many many differences which will severely limit how well Sinopia will be able to consume and edit SVDE data. For the purposes of QA/Sinopia cloning, Steven could come up with some ldpaths but not sure whether the amount of data will be useful. Steven expects to be able to share the spreadsheet at the next Sinopia/SVDE meeting. Going forward we need to consider the role of versioning/documenting shape changes and validation at both scale and single descriptions. Justin's validation scripts: Tom Baker's csv2shex:
  • OCLC Linked Data / Entities Advisory Group
    • 2021-03-19 No updates, some emails
  • PCC - Sinopia collaboration
    • 2021-03-09 New group formed for documentation, mentoring etc. We are not directly involved. Will delete this item
  • PCC Task Group on Non-RDA Entities
    • 2021-03-19 Group headed by standing committee on standards will formally propose a list of non-RDA entity types. Steven will join. Deliverables by June
  • Default branch name - Working through repositories in Renaming of LD4P Repositories
    • Created Renaming of LD4P Repositories page to identify Cornell repos, provide instructions, and track progress.
    • ACTION - Huda Khan to look at changing to `main` for LD4P/discovery (and update the Blacklight Cornell fork for LD4P3 to bring in the latest)
    • 3/19: Update: DONE with respect to discovery.  Need to wait on Blacklight upstream for LD4P3 fork
  • Authorities in FOLIO
    • Hope to include URIs as part of Cornell FOLIO migration, possible LD4P work
    • 2021-03-19 In LTS there is a task group that has a proposal for authority management in FOLIO (absent new features). Being reviewed with request for scripting work to create reports etc.. Includes insertion of URIs into MARC

Upcoming meetings

  • .  Call for Proposals - Special Issue: "The Metadata Issue: Metadata as Knowledge".  Due January 31, 2021 (abstract 300-500 words).  Includes "The use of linked open data to facilitate the interaction between metadata and bodies of knowledge" and "Cultural heritage organization (libraries, archives, galleries, and museums) and academic projects that contribute to or leverage open knowledge platforms such as Wikidata"
  • code4lib - Expecting to attend: Huda, Steven, Lynette, Greg
    • Steven will be presenting poster on Discogs work
  • Lynette doing a QA presentation at Samvera partner call in June

Next Meeting(s), anyone out?:

  • 2021-03-26 Lynette (Code4Lib workshop)

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