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  • Open the theme's XSL template and modify the relevant templates (i.e. the header or footer templates) adding an
    element where you would like the new text to appear. Make sure the value of the key is unique, for example:
    <i18n:text> xmlui.yourtheme.mynewkey </i18n:text>
  • Open the messages catalogue, config/i18n/messages.xml, and for neatness find the key values for that begin with the common prefix of your new key. Add a new line corresponding to your new key:
     <message key="xmlui.yourtheme.mynewkey">
       Text of my new key!
  • Perform the steps in Rebuild+DSpace.


  • i18n = internationalization
  • You can, of course, simply add the text directly into the XSL, but you will find it easier to translate the text into other languages if you use the i18n catalogue.
  • Remember, when adding or modifying text in the messages.xml catalogues be very careful to use XML escaping rules, such as:
     &         becomes         &
     "         becomes         &quote;
     '         becomes         '
     <         becomes         <
     >         becomes         >