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Call-in Information


(star)  Indicating note-taker

  1. Brian Lowe 
  2. Benjamin Gross  
  3. Ralph O'Flinn
  4. Andrew Woods 
  5. Huda Khan


  1. Potential new day/times for this call?

  2. Tickets
    1. Bugs
      1. VIVO-1910 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      2. VIVO-1866 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    2. Needing review
      1. VIVO-1905 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  3. Other?

Other topics

  1. Vitro JMS messaging approaches
  2. Architectural diagrams - discuss at a future date
    1. VIVO Components
    2. VIVO Ecosystem


  1. Potential new day/times for this call?
    1. William has a meeting conflict once a month
    2. Potentially an hour later on Wednesdays would work (6pm Eastern European time, 11 eastern, 10 central, 9 mountain)
  2. VIVO-1910
    1. Brian reports it seems to work with 1.10 version of TDB. 
    2. Benjamin - concurrency problem... Brian - maybe using same transaction to resolve the URI to a URL. 
    3. What is getWebappDaoFactory? 
      1. There are a bunch of different DAOs for retrieving different types of Objects. Boils down to SPARQL Queries that populate java objects.
      2. Should be a lightweight thing but there's this annoying thing where every time you go to get a WADF it looks at content model and configuration model in the process it looks at the graphs that are present in each store and checks to make sure the proper graphs are in the right place... which is an expensive operation (getGraph method). Brian has hacked this out/cached them in some projects. 
  3. VIVO-1866
    1. Huda - way to compare different versions of solr from Hector Correa... what the result of a configuration would be. Huda will try. 
  4. VIVO-1905
    1. Brian will take a look at the start of the sprint 


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