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Contribute to the DSpace Development Fund

The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

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DSpace Communication Plan Draft

A draft document for capturing the audiences, types of communication, and communication channels for DSpace information. This is a draft for committee reaction and for anyone to add content.

Jenn, Meg, Pascal
  • Jenn walked the group through the document, reviewed the categories and audiences.
  • Send a recognition message to actively contributing developers
  • What communications would got to other developers who are not as active but want to keep up with DSpace.
  • Should there be a newsletter, that nightlights features each month?
  • List and define the audiences: new adopters, potential adopters, persons who know IRs vs those who are completely new to IRs., library school students and faculty awareness, 
  • leadership: if you go too high in the leadership can be too high. 
  • Organizations in the ecosystem: CrossRef, ORCID, other groups. Perhaps a section on the website or communications once per year. DSpace partners. 
  • Developers who are not core committers could be aspiring committers, could be starting to be interested in contributing. Could aim information at those who might be interested in making their first commit. There are sometimes people who are overlooked and who should be nominated as committers. 
  • Rename core committers to active contributors. Separate from developers. But all developers are aspiring committers. 
  • People who are getting actively involved in the project. Want to thank them, keep them motivated.
  • Can revisit the list and see if we are too granular, merge groups together
  • Could look at position in organization, role in community, level of understanding of technical detail. 
  • Repository managers are shaping the individual repository content, not the code base.
  • Release of major versions, minor versions x.x, security patch, patches for older versions: do we communicate about these, or amplify them?, modules, testathon for testing and for documentation, requests for community feedback or input.

Strategic approach to communications going forward

Marketing goals: DSpace 7 Marketing Goals

Heather, all
  • Need to think about communication as a whole, and these five goals are essential. Need to get the community upgraded and onto the new stack. A lot riding on doing that communication correctly. 
  • An agenda item for next month, what do we need to have ready for encouraging adoption of DSpace 7? What materials do we create, who has time, what do we need to be prepared for the push to move to DSpace 7?
  • Who can take action on these goals in the next three months?

Wiki translation project update


Lyrasis event plans that involve promotion of DSpaceBram

DLF November 2020 - August 17 CFP Deadline

Northeast IR Day Dec 3rd

Others on:

  • Would like to see DSpace featured prominently at LYR events. That doesn't always happen. This year just did short topical leadership forums that were an hour long. Planning virtual member summit for October. A key piece of that will be talking about and showcase use cases from the community supported programs. 
  • We have a number of DSpace 7 early adopters who we can share at an event like this. And members are doing really exciting things right now, many of them would be happy to share what they are doing.  Can discuss this at the next meeting, discuss options for DSpace highlights in events. 

Other business, news to share 


Action items



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