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The (star) represents who will be taking notes for a given meeting. It rotates after each meeting to the next person in the attendee list.

Meeting Details


Discussion items




Good news!Pascal
  • Between 130-150 synchronous participants for the recent DSpace Anwendertreffen sessions; program reached more than 220 all together; financial support for continuing DSpace 7 beta releases requested at the meeting.
  • Attendees required Zoom use instruction
  • many views of asynchronous session recordings.
  • CNI also running conf virtually; restricted attendance so could be simpler
Beta 2 update: expected in early April  
  • A bit late but still expected in early April
  • On track
  • Tim is struggling with pull requests; would like to take a pause for planning/catch-up
  • How to communicate this?
  • Spreading out work for communicating releases?
  • Workflow begins with Tim's email to the community at large; content is then edited for general distribution; Tim is the authority with regard to what is included in each release 
  • Beta 2 will include management of versioning; workflow management (eye catchers)
  • Agreement that release communications should begin with Tim
  • Bram Luyten (Atmire) will put a companion video together for the next release

Discussion of upcoming messaging to the community: what messaging do we need, and when?

Messaging discussed in the last Leadership meeting:

  • Message about how to help DSpace 7, for folks who may be at home and have time to assist with testing, PRs, etc.
  • Fundraising update (now at $102K) and thank yous to existing contributors – is it time for a call to the wider community for new memberships to support DSpace 7?
  • We may need a pause between Beta 2 and Beta 3 for PR catch-up and planning; how do we communicate this in a positive way (planning sprint?)
Kristi, all
  • We have had some fundraising, success; we have passed the100k mark
  • Use this milestone to get the word out, celebrate, emphasize that everyone can participate
  • 3 ways to support DSpace: become a member; test and join developers meetings; community contributions
  • Should present a broad bandwidth of ways to contribute; holistic message; need options
  • Would like help to reach out to bronze level members and ask existing members to increase donations
  • Kristi suggests 2 separate messages:
  • public announcement celebratory
  • outreach out to lower level members
  • Michele Mennielli suggests a Zoom call reaching out to specific members/years at specific levels; this discussion opportunity could be characterized as a benefit of membership
  • ACTION: Michele Mennielli
  • Timing late April/May
  • Include those who have contributed, Laurie Arp has list. Heather Greer Kleinto ask for list
  • Link $$ to specific contributions?
  • Communicate that money contributed to completing DSpace 7 is immediately invested in development; goal is 300k. Funds allow service providers to prioritize DSpace 7 work.
  • Timing, schedule of multiple messages for review by this group, Heather Greer Klein
  • Need to be proactive in communication about the "pause"; clear the backlog
  • Tim needs more help; need yet another type of communication targeted at low level tech help? should be targeted to national user groups
Update from Mic: communication with the DSpace user groups, overall outreach strategy for building the DSpace Community - "Repositories in a time of crisis" webinar seriesMic
  • A DSpace 7 workshop was planned for COAR
  • Replacement suggestion Michele Mennielli : Series of recorded video presentations, translated; 1 preso per day; distribute over more than a week; use videos to pitch for more participation in completion of DSpace 7; "Repositories in a time of Crisis" discussion of how institutions are dealing with the crisis; "Repositories in a time of Crisis" webinar series–engage community members in this series to talk about their ideas on this topic; reaching out to all national coordinators to have a cross-country coordinator meeting.
  • Messaging should include basic value of sharing through repos; crucial role of the repos. communicating in times of crisis. repos more relevant than ever. science can go a lot faster with sharing. some institutions are putting their repos at the forefront. others not yet doing that. need people to recognize repo as a critical system.
  • Transform the now defunct DSpace ambassador program into a program of the national UG coordinators: DSpace Ambassador Program
  • Webinar series should bedeveloped/scheduled asap Carol Minton Morris Michele Mennielli
Other business, news to share All

FYI: Upcoming virtual conference, Heather will be presenting a DSpace 7 overview on April 24th (session not yet on the website):

Action items



Provide this group with messaging to review: message to bronze members; message celebrating fundraising/sharing pause between Betas 2 and 3Mic, Heather, Carol
Create communications scheduleCarol, Heather
Schedule webinar about repositories in times of crisisMic

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