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Newest Features:

To learn about the newest features in the latest version of DuraCloud, you'll want to read the Release Notes.

Tool Downloads:

All DuraCloud tools can be downloaded here.

Sync Tool: The Sync Tool is a utility which will allow you to transfer (or "copy") files from a local file system to DuraCloud and subsequently keep the files in DuraCloud synchronized with those on the local system. Note that the chunker tool's capabilities are built in to the sync tool. The Sync Tool can be run in one of two modes: Command Line or GUI.

Retrieval Tool: The Retrieval Tool is a utility which will allow you to transfer (or "retrieve") digital content from DuraCloud to your local file system. Not that the stitcher tool capabilities are built in to the retrieval tool.


The most up-to-date DuraCloud documentation can be found here. DuraCloud documentation is updated after every DuraCloud release, and also contains training materials, videos, webinars, presentations, as well as information about integration and community projects.

Integration Projects:

DSpace Replication Task Suite: The DSpace Replication Task Suite is a set (suite) of tasks to assist in performing replication of DSpace content to other locations (including DuraCloud). Currently, DSpace content is packaged in containers known as archival information packages (AIPs). The DSpace Replication Task Suite was released as an optional "add-on" to DSpace 1.8 and is available in all following DSpace releases.

Fedora CloudSync: Fedora CloudSync is a web-based utility for backing up and restoring Fedora 3 content in DuraCloud. It supports on-demand and scheduled backups of any content in a Fedora 3 repository, including externally-managed datastreams. The project is functional but no longer receiving on-going support. Work on an integration between DuraCloud and Fedora 4 is currently in the planning stages.


For additional DuraCloud support, please submit a support request ticket with a brief description of the technical question or issue which you are experiencing. Your ticket will be answered by our staff as soon as possible. You can submit a support request ticket through the DuraCloud support system.

News and Events:

For the latest DuraCloud news and events, including upcoming presentations and conferences where DuraCloud team members will be in attendance, please visit

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