Fedora-UK&I&EU Meeting

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Presentation slides can be seen below, in the speaker lists.

--- The original invitation follows ---

After the successful Fedora-EU meeting in Aarhus, September last year, we invite you to join us this year in Oxford, on 8 December 2009.

Numerous people were calling for this event, and we are particularly grateful for the support of Fedora-UK&I, the local team in Oxford, and the DReSNet eScience Network (http://www.dresnet.net), who are sponsors of the meeting.

To minimise travelling, particularly for international participants, the meeting is set to coincide with

The meeting will take place at the SERS Offices in Osney Mead - see http://www.sers.ox.ac.uk/contacts/map for details. Coffee will be at
9:30am, with the meeting proper starting at 10:00am.

Please, register at: http://www.doodle.com/9awg6y5cmkpf8a62

The meeting will be structured in two half-days: 

1. *Fedora-based e-Research environments*

The first half-day session is moderated by the "Scholars Workbench Solution Community"


The Fedora community is progressing from one of lots of initial experiments with Fedora, to one with a number of more stable implementations. Also repository-based environments are increasingly embedding in the whole research life-cycle and integrate with research-specific tools. This session will share existing experiences on repository-aware tools for scholarship and research, as well as (vice versa) repository-based research environments.  

The half-day will comprise a series of short presentations from those working in the field of supporting researchers using repositories, reporting both work undertaken and directions that are emerging based on local experience. Contribution is coming primarily from the Fedora community, but there will also be input from DSpace and EPrints perspectives to highlight the common need to understand how repository-based environments can best support research.

Speakers during the morning are as follows:

2. *Fedora content modeling*

The theme of the second half day dives into the foundations of Fedora content modelling, with issues including definition and usage of ontologies, cooperation of repository objects and the triplestore with RDF, service definition and deployment, best practices and software tools, as well as a roadmap for development of Content Modeling in upcoming Fedora versions.

This half day will be moderated by the Danish Fedora group.

Talks will include:

  • Thornton Staples, DuraSpace - Fedora Commons and DuraSpace Update
  • Asger Askov Blekinge / Kåre Fiedler Christiansen, State and University Library, Denmark - Content Model Driven Software
  • Richard Green, University of Hull - Content models in the Hydra Project
  • Lina Krantz / Uwe Klosa, Uppsala University - Integration of Fedora's Messaging into DiVA
  • Frank Schwichtenberg, FIZ Karlsruhe - eSciDoc Content Models using CMA and ECM
  • Gert Schmeltz Pedersen, Technical University of Denmark - Fedora Content Modeling at DTU Library
  • Lodewijk Bogaards, Data Archiving and Networked Services, Netherlands - Fedora custom database extension

For whom?

The meeting is intended for people acquainted with Fedora, its application, management, and/or data modeling. Please do share your current activities: demo your production site of Scholars Workbenches, share your research on content models, or simply contribute your ideas and concerns. Please do forward brief statements of intent or abstracts, in case you want to present something.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Oxford ! 

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