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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.


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Review of actions from previous meetingHeather



  • What can this group do with DS 7 likely 6 months out. What is it that we can do in the meantime? 
  • We need to communicate when there is an estimation, and see if there is information we can communicate to people who are waiting. We can keep the marketing group to promoting.
  • Bram: very much believe in the initiatives of the 5 goals. Goals 1 and 2 we can do work on easily. Would need leaders to coordinate work.
  • Can be difficult to find institutions without a release date. Pascal has been looking for German institutions who want a release date. 
  • Bram has agreements from NYU, Cornell, and another institution.
  • If we can show progress and be transparent about what is being finished, there might be an audience who wants to read that in a blog or a newsletter.
  • David: Texas A&M might be early adopters if someone can speak with them at the NA User Group meeting.
  • Carol can work with anyone who wants to draft a message about interim progress but needs someone to work with her on it.
  • The item mapper has been re-implemented and re-imagined and would be worthwhile to share that progress, and other interesting features that are coming. 
  • Susanna is concerned that the beta has been pushed for so long. Would be counter-productive to do anything that does not build trust.
  • If we'd like we can communicate more about the difficulties of estimates, and could ask the leadership to shy away from giving dates. We can help them with communication, and ask that we go back to not having a release date, because it is hard to estimate timelines from open source projects.
  • We need to be careful about using an apologetic tone because we are all working as a community to move the software as quickly as is possible. Carol: should go at this from a transparent explaining and process explanation point of view.  
  • We can say meaningful things about planning ahead, about building Angular skills, begin learning and getting up to speed now. Can start looking at their customizations. 
  • Two messages: want to make transparent that we don't expect the beta at the end of the year. And, we're not giving a release date and we want to focus on the work and will get it out when it is ready. It is so big and so powerful, and we need your help. 
  • In two weeks we should meet to discuss and make a proposal to the leadership group.
  • The DSpace 7 docker video will be posted soon and Carol will share tweets about it in the marketing slack channel
  • Internationalization is happening, and could be a great first blog post for Bram and Carol to work on. 

Action items



Pascal, Carol, and Heather will work on a proposal that will bring our marketing message request, regarding not giving a date, to the Leadership group
Carol will work with Bram every month to develop a story about features that have been developed for DS7

Start releasing information about milestones as they are met, to show the progress currently being made each week. 

Carol and Heather will will work on content homepage display and listing/display of resources on the DSpace 7 page. Will review with this group. Will create a blog post to point to these resources.

Pascal will ask for a short screencast related to Docker

Keep looking for endorsers and considering what the ask is for the campaign – what will they do to respond?
Carol will find out if there should be a DSpace component at the LYRASIS Membership Summit
Carol will explore sending buttons to the user group
Pascal will speak with the Steering/with Erin about writing a blog post highlighting that the MOU is in place
Carol will keep the group informed about the combining of the web presence into LYRASIS
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