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Call-in Information

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

To join the online meeting:



(star)  Indicating note-taker

  1. Ralph O'Flinn 
  2. Steven McCauley 
  3. Andrew Woods
  4. Brian Lowe 
  5. Don Elsborg (star)
  6. Maria Amalia Florez
  7. Huda Khan
  8. Benjamin Gross
  9. Robert Nelson


  1. VIVO 1.11.0 release candidate planning (and testing)
    1. If there is interest in getting this functionality into 1.11.0, please help review
      1. VIVO-1614 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      2. VIVO-1630 - Getting issue details... STATUS
        1. Pending response from alessandro galasso
      3. VIVO-1670 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      4. VIVO-1415 - Getting issue details... STATUS
        1. Need to re-verify integrity of commit merges
    2. These Docker-related tickets should be closeable by the next person who can verify spinning up the MariaDB / Solr / VIVO environment
      1. VIVO-1679 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      2. VIVO-1680 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      3. VIVO-1682 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      4. For the above, username/password
  2. Updates from VIVO Scholars Task Force
  3.  In-review tickets
    1. T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due


  1. Status of In-Review tickets

    T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

  2. Received

    T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

    1. VIVO-1666 - Getting issue details... STATUS

      1. (re-)Raises interest in reconsidering first-time, every-time, tdbconfig design

    2. VIVO-1665 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      1. Should be low-hanging
    3. VIVO-1663 - Getting issue details... STATUS

      1. Where does this stand? What is needed to add more person identifiers to VIVO?

    4. VIVO-1644 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      1. Mike Conlon : thoughts on where this stands?
  3. Bugs (1.11)

    T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due


Draft notes in Google-Doc  

1.11 release should be coming up soon

Need deadlines for a code freeze on what’s included in 1.11
Potential remaining issues under agenda 1a

Don wants the ontology ticket that removes various classes from concepts.
* VIVO-1287
Should we wait for the big ontology refactor to move ANY ontology changes into the VIVO app?
Can we do small incremental changes into the VIVO app?

Can the ontology be moved into it’s own repo, be standalone.
Sometime in the future the VIVO codebase needs to be aligned with the re-factor of the ontology
Can there be a seperate project that contains the new ontology and aligning that with VIVO in the future.

Ralph - lot’s of time spent in the Ontology group about the new ontology, so more time discussing the long term ontology.
Possibly a 2 year project. Should set aside a piece of time to discuss current ontology issues.
Ralph will take this back to the meeting to discuss current ontology.

Brian - a problem has been identified that having these classes be a subclass of concept is wrong.
Would like to avoid a haphazard change that can support one institution, but need to be cautious about how it works with other institutions.
Andrew - so perhaps he is open to making small changes to ontology for cases like 1287
We should have multiple approvers of the ticket and pull request.

Ralph also remembers this issue and was fine with it. Needs to double check it.
Don - do other institutions not have an issue with AcademicDegree being subclasses of a concept.
Ralph - he does, and had to make the change. Will check this in the next couple of days for feedback.
Benjamin - adds degrees as strings, so this isn’t a current issue.
Andrew - moving on …. No surface opposition to moving ticket forward. Just need additional approvals and testing for 1287.
This also comes back to the topic of the deadline for a freeze for changes.

1614 - tpf server availability configurable via
A flag now exists in, if not explicitly set to “TRUE” it is disabled. Hence it is disabled by default. There is no pretty page that says it’s disabled when you hit the page.
Ralph looked at other sites that disabled it and saw 500 errors. So this isn’t new.
Ralph will try to add test instructions on the ticket.
Don will attempt to test this.
Just go to the TPF endpoint, will see tpf data.
Bring in PR, rebuild, test and should see the 500 error.
A small issue is that the TPF server doesn’t work with TDB, needs to be SDB.
Benjamin and Brian verified it doesn’t work with TDB.
1615 has details on what needs to be fixed to make it work with TDB.
Need to test this with blazegraph.
Ralph says it’s likely that if 1615 should address other triple stores
RDF fix for TDB is the issue.
Ralph has this code pulled up in a VM. His goal is to separate this piece of code into its’ own container.
TPF code lives on in its source codebase.  So this should be extracted and pull from a VIVO service.
This would be the point where TPF code honors the display configs to hide private properties.
Andrew would like more point releases, so the TDB config could be a point release.
1615 shows that the issue is defined, just need help from the community.

1630 - Andrew made PR’s to Alessandro changes. A little more internationalization

1670 - Benjamin reviewed already. Andrew is getting a key and will test. 
           Step 2 is that VIVO doesn’t push stuff back to ORCID unless if you have a member API.
Step 1 is you login to ORCID from VIVO. 
            Don doesn’t want CU VIVO to pull from ORCID or auth against it
     Maria wants their VIVO’s to pull info from ORCID via the member or public API.  If institution has the member api setup, then it should also push info to ORCID. So integration just does integration at an individual level, not on a full VIVO install level. 
Benjamin confirmed that ORCID data only comes from the individual level. So when people sign in a button shows that says confirm orcid, and then it will pull from ORCID.
Maria thinks that an institution integration would imply that ORCID would have all individuals associated with an institution. This requires the university to have an account. 
Don - CU Boulder did this outside of VIVO with the institution pulling ORCID data.
Maria - thinks this should be able to happen at the institutional level in VIVO. 
Andrew - will test 1670. Can anyone else test this.

1415 - 29 commits in it with 32 changed files. Andrew said Benjamin confirmed functionality works. Perhaps some UI issues. Benjamin would love to see this included. 
Benjamin tried to resolve merge conflicts but it was a “disaster”
Anybody who has edit access can add a DOI or PMID into a search box and then the pubs can be claimed.
PR has more detail.
Andrew - perhaps this is a later point release. Benjamin wants it now. 
Waiting for Graham's pull-request feedback. 

Andrew - agenda 1b - things work fine. These tickets work.
Don will try to sign off on the external docker issues.



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