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  • Spec 22 revisions. Here's a link to the differences from our baseline draft (18). The main focus of this draft is turning the normalization description into a list of numbered steps on page 17. Please have a look at this before the meeting. 

Discussion items


new map embedded in the FAQ

  1. Tom will provide example of their post-encoding (64bit integer in base31 encoding – eg take out 0 vs O)
  2. Greg will review text on normalization to make sure his concerns are met
  3. All should review their position on externalizing persistence statements
  4. Tom will review 5.1.2 more carefully to see if he has issues
  5. All should review  section 2.2  Label (language on old and new form language ark:  ark:/)
  6. All should please make comments on spec to the list

I also made a few very small changes (removing an email address, pointing the NAAN registry at a non-CDL URL). The whole spec needs a thorough review, eg, I'm we might want to drop all of section 4 (but that's a discussion for later).

  1. n/a
  2. done – approved
    1. typo: extra comma – fixed
    2. typo: incorrect ref to Appendix A – fixed
  3. agreed not to try standardizing on persistence, but simplify section on call it non-normative – Greg and Curtis agreed to review
  4. n/a
  5. done – approved

This completes review of all major spec changes discussed at the ARK Summit Experts Day in 2018. All changes approved.

Pending additional changes to discuss:

  • strawman proposal: the '?' inflection be made identical to the '??'
    • why? because the latter is much easier to recognize and implement by resolvers, eg, with tomcat and libraries that don't distinguish between a single '?' and an empty query string

Action items