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Meeting Details

  • June 26, 2019 at 9:00 AM ET / 13:00 UTC / 15:00 CEST
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Next meeting July 10, 9:00 AM ET / 13:00 UTC / 15:00 CEST


  • Develop post-OR2019 marketing plan


Alignment / Decisions from previous meetings

  1. We need a plan with actions, goals and associated target dates, aimed at marketing for DSpace 7
    1. Popular use cases, and how DSpace 7 improves on them, are powerful in marketing
    2. Facts that the SG endorses, are powerful in marketing
  2. We need a more general approach for DSpace Marketing on the longer term. The group did not reach agreement on whether this can be open ended, or whether this can have a finite timeline

Discussion items



OR2019 report out and wrap-up

Pascal-Nicolas Becker and others 

Next steps for marketing DSpace 7 

Carol Minton Morris

  • Events related to DSpace 7 to be promoted
  • Testimonials:

Identifying institutions, outreach

Testimonials page with multiple examples be added to DSpace 7 web pages at any time




  • DSpace was the best represented technology and most celebrated technology at OR2019. Docker workshop included people from outside the community, people who wanted to be able to take a look at what we're doing. Astonishing that at the Repo Rodeo there was a full slide of DSpace talks and a slide and a half of members. Active developers and the whole community, including those not involved in development, were promoting DSpace. T-shirts and buttons were very popular. Everyone in particular liked the heart hands pins. Repo rodeo went well, DS7 sessions went well. Andrea talked to DS7 via Alexa using the API, and someone else used it to create an iPad app. 
  • A lot of talks were very helpful, having swag and having three service providers promoting DSpace. 
  • Important to show how important and vital DSpace is. 

Next steps for marketing

  • Need to think about marketing for DS7.0. Marketing goals 1-2 are a great place to start. 
  • Bram had conversations with two high profile institutions to be the face of DS7, to share in communications and marketing as institutions that will be putting DS7 in production and invest in the community.
  • Pascal has one client who will also get into DS7 quickly. Bram will share his messaging for reaching out to ask an institution 
  • Carol: like to talk about how DS7 will help institution reach their goals. 
  • How do we put the word out? We could do stories, as well as very short testimonials about their excitement. Could do a telling stories campaign (interviews with implementers, asking same questions). There is always a question about how this helps their institution. Slow process with a series of approvals, but Carol has done this before. 
  • The example above would be a good at-a-glance promotion for DS7.
  • Jose: can also include aspect of the researcher, use cases of what this will enable for a researcher. From a researcher point of view on the tool. Good to find other perspectives. And also highlight the integrations available. Can explore how to communicate this. Can give previews of the submission page and the concept of entities, and have some examples of what people will be able to do. 
  • Could find an active researcher who also works within the repository. Bram has a client like this. 
  • Identifying people is the first step. 
  • Bram, Pascal, and Jose all have some potential people to speak to. Could also look at authors who have a high number of downloads. Jose knows of researchers who are excited about the new features that are coming.
  • Next step to start collecting potential individuals who can speak to different use cases. Put up a wiki page to collect potential interviewees. Should contact the repository manager first always, and also reach out to the existing DSpace user groups. Also Mic is working to form user groups, should reach out to these user groups to find people who are interested in DS7. Should ask Mic about bringing the idea of the testimonial to the user groups.
  • Public user group calendar is handled by Tim. Would be a good idea to think about something more public on the website, as long as things are happening frequently enough. Would we want to list the working groups there? 
  • Carol can promote events we know about, places where DS7 is being discussed. Heather will ask Tim and Mic about anything coming up.
  • LIBER is strongly interested in FAIR repositories. IFLA is usually the third week in August. Could there be an opportunity to promote DSpace at bigger conferences? There will be a more organized effort to promote the projects at conferences where LYRASIS has a presence. 
  • Is it the right point to take a short break for the marketing working group. Will skip our next meeting, will meet July 24th.

Action items from this meeting



Create a wiki page for gathering potential contacts for marketing testimonialsHeather
Begin identifying institutions and individuals who can provide testimonials related to DSpace and DSpace 7All

Action items from previous meetings



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