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Call-in Information


(star)  Indicating note-taker

  1. Graham Triggs
  2. Mike Conlon
  3. Brian Lowe
  4. Benjamin Gross
  5. Jim Blake
  6. Tim Worrall
  7. John Fereira
  8. Muhammad Javed
  9. Huda Khan
  10. Ralph O'Flinn
  11. Andrew Woods


  1. March (18-29) sprint

    1. For quick review:

      1. VIVO-1680 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      2. VIVO-1679 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  2. TAMU Scholars demo

  3. VIVO conference proposals


Sprint updates

  1. Update on Docker work

TAMU Scholars

  1. Read-only UI
  2. Ralph is interested in moving UI efforts forward
    • React-js and GraphQL
  3. TAMU extracts/harvests from VIVO triplestore
    • Populates Solr with multiple cores ("collections")
  4. Could represent an opportunity to test VIVO design approaches
  5. Interest in promoting a "messaging" approach
    • Supports a decoupled architecture
    • A "pull" approach may require more effort to customize for users
    • Could potentially use the same eventing system to populate internal index as well as push externally
  6. Maybe establish a new mechanism for populating derivative stores
    • Interface: listen to events from triplestore
    • Current Solr indexing would fit into this mechanism (i.e. implement interface)
    • Pushing external messages could be another implementation of the interface
    • Would require updates to applicationSetup.n3
      • Other configuration happens within the displayModel
      • DocumentModifier config should likely be pulled out of the displayModel, and put into applicationSetup.n3
      • Rationale for config to be in the displayModel was for UI/runtime updates

+ add as topic to dev call: derivative store mechanism
+ ask TAMU to come give a demo

VIVO conference proposals

  1. Deadline: Apr 14th
  2. Fly-in outputs



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