ARKs-in-the-Open Working Groups share the following features.

  • Within its given scope, each WG is self-directed, renewing its objectives and deliverables every 12 months.

  • WG members are asked to seize opportunities to "grow" the community and broaden participation in it, at any and all levels, as appropriate.

  • Members are asked to communicate with other WGs and the Advisory Group regarding community evolution, technical developments, and collaboration possibilities that could help, or hurt, sustainability.

  • WG size is flexible, with 5-9 members being optimal. As necessary, any WG may spin off subgroups, eg, for a focused development effort.

  • WG members are asked to serve for 12 months, and may serve longer if they wish.

  • Each WG is free to decide how it will conduct internal communication (email, Slack channel, etc) and to set its own meeting schedule. Meetings are usually teleconferences.

  • Each WG is responsible for maintaining the WG wiki page, which should include schedules and links to agendas and meeting notes.

WG pages

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