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  • Convening efforts to reach out and deeply engage the DSpace community in the aspects of DSpace 7 development. 
  • Next meeting May 23Due to Open Repositories the next meeting will be June 20, 2018 11:00 AM EDT in the Zoom DSpace Meeting Room Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: Note: 




Announcements or news to shareCarol

Debra Hanken Kurtz will leave her post as CEO at DuraSpace to serve as the Associate University Librarian for Technology Services at Arizona State University Library. As of June 1, Erin Tripp, Business Development Manager at DuraSpace, will serve as the Interim Chief Executive Officer. Valorie Hollister, DuraSpace Director of Membership and Finance, and Bill Branan, DuraSpace Services Technical Director, will assist Ms. Tripp with the transition:

The recording and slides from “The Future Will Be Open?” series kick-off webinar on May 17: “The 2.5% Commitment: Investing in Open” are now available

The schedule for the DuraSpace-euroCRIS Interoperability Event focused on interoperability between DSpace repository and CRIS systems on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 (in advance of the CRIS 2018 Conference in Umeå, Sweden) is now available:

DSpace 7 Update

The DSpace Steering Group has been discussing whether to potentially expand the scope of DSpace 7 to include more new features such as support for storing things like Authors (to create Author Profile pages, like Bepress, etc), and some other objects that tend to be more CRIS-oriented.These ongoing discussions may mean that DSpace 7 is not *just* a new UI on existing features–what we have been focusing on for "What's in DSpace 7".

The Steering Group has another meeting scheduled to discuss further and work towards making a decision–not sure when this decision will be made. We might want to hold off on publishing "What's in DSpace 7" until this discussion completes --- we can still finalize the document, but may want to just hold it until entities work is finalized.


Full update and demo planned for OR in early June; the DSpace 7 tech team is small, browse and search completed; submission, in process. Tim will make slides available.

Steering Group has been discussing entities working group conclusions (DSpace Entities Working Group (2017-18))—researcher profiles, groups, grants and funder info–would like to move this work forward into the DSpce 7 release, need additional funding and/or developers to build out a prototype.

Ran the first virtual spr4rint on DSpace 7 with 4 coaches and 8 developers from 9 institutions. Report here: DSpace 7 Community Sprint 1

Got 10 tickets done. Lots of new faces.

Successful in getting new people involved and engaged. Scheduling next one after Open Repositories Conference.

Working on segmenting out the entities work. Expect a statement from the DSpace 7 steering group prior to the Open Repositories Conference.Entities group–build an extendable model for 3 entities

Waiting on a next steps statement from DSpace Steering Group

Discussion–2017 DSpace Annual Report

The Fedora Project Leadership Group recently published the Fedora 2017 Annual Report. A PDF of the report can be downloaded from the Fedora wiki.

Draft of 2017 DSpace Annual Report similar structure:


Cover - 1 page

Table of Contents - 1 page

Summary - 1 page

Membership - 1 page of text, plus map

  • List of institutions

  • Four line introduction includes the members welcomed in 2017 and the total number of members.

  • Map showing members

Community Profiles - 1.75 pages

  • Profiles of two members - Q&A format

  • TBD

    • Why DSpace?

    • What are the strategic priorities that DSpace helped to support?

    • How is DSpace working in production?

    • What deployment advice would you give others in the community?

  • TBD

    • What is your role with DSpace at your institution?

    • Why did you decide on DSpace?

    • What strategic organizational or institutional goals did DSpace help you meet?

Governance, Finance, and Expenditures - 3/4 pages (Michele Mennielli Carol Minton Morris)

  • Narrative

  • Accounts (financial breakdown)

    • Income:

      • Membership Revenue

      • Service Provider Revenue

    • Expenditures

      • Staff

      • Contractors

      • Marketing and Communication

      • Travel

      • Office Expenses

      • Infrastructure and Support

      • Hardware Depreciation

    • Total

Progress on Key Initiatives - 1.25 pages

  • DSpace 7

Events - 1 page, including a half-page photo

  • User group meetings

  • other

Contributions to the Annual Report - a few lines

Collective effort–steerers, DCAT, user groups, service providers–it is not too late, we will shoot for May in 2019 annual cycle based on 2018 structure

Tim keeps a running list of initiatives on the wiki; Strategic Planning


email to Steering, DCAT introducing Annual Report project and asking for help sent 5/22 text

Outline discussion:

Action items



Complete AR outline/assignments/schedule



Define a draft 2017 DSpace Annual Report structure for review and comment based on 2017 Fedora Annual Report by next meeting (May 23), emails: