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  1. Graham Triggs
  2. Andrew Woods
  3. Mike Conlon (Second week: September 24-28)
  4. Qazi Asim Ijaz Ahmad (Not sure about the dates yet. Would like to work on Elastic Search with Don)
  5. Kitio Fofack mainly on i18n (available for the sprint)
  6. Christian Hauschke (2nd week, i18n)
  7. Ralph O'Flinn




  1. Integrated elastic index in VIVO to support facetview UI used by Unavco, CU Boulder, DCO

  2. Brings index work from Product Evolution group closer to the VIVO core

  3. Deliver more structured and rich json and eventually json-ld documents from VIVO's indexes for web consumers


  1. Discuss/analyze the Elastic search work done by individual sites.

  2. Based on 1, implement current vitro search functionality in Elastic

  3. Create instructions on how to make YOUR VIVO installation work with Elastic (on the assumption that Solr will still be the default).

  4. analyze how to build a nested json-doc that represents an object ( person, publication, grant, etc ) in the index ( both SOLR or Elastic )

  5. lay groundwork for analysis of incorporating semantics ( json-ld, other ) in the indexed document. Mapping the objects from VIVO-ISF to an indexed semantic document would need to involve the ontology group

  6. Request: keeping the delivered Elasticsearch integration backwards compatible with VIVO 1.9.3 and 1.8.x – could be valuable


  1. Don Elsborg (CU Boulder)