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Sprint 1 Participants

Thanks to our Sprint #1 Participants and their institutions! We appreciate your hard work during this sprint, and we hope to see you continue to contribute to DSpace.

Sprint 1 Coaches

Thanks also to our Sprint #1 Coaches!  Your help and support during the sprint was noted as a great positive in the participant feedback (see below)


Feedback from participants (provided during Sprint Wrap Up meeting). Feedback has been anonymized / aggregated.

  • GoodPositive:
    • Very helpful to receive more hands-on experience. Greate way to get started with DSpace 7
    • Appreciated ability to get immediate feedback (day to day) during sprint on Slack, etc.
    • Enjoyed that Sprint helped prioritize this effort (on their local schedule) / helped them set aside time for concentrated work/attention on DSpace
    • Learned a lot
    • Felt well supported by Sprint coaches.
    • HAL Browser for new REST API is awesome
  • Could be improved / Challenges
    • Lots to learn. Getting around DSpace code took a while (for those newer to DSpace)
    • Some tickets could use more information on how to get started / recommended approach (especially useful for newer developers).  But, lots of feedback provided from coaches & on Slack as they dug in.
    • Integration Tests took getting used to.  May want to improve documentation on creating them / detailing how to run tests, etc.
    • Some were working with Spring for first time (in new REST API).  More training / documentation on Spring concepts & how they are used in REST API could be useful in getting up-to-speed more quickly
    • DSpace Developer environment (with an IDE) took some time to get setup. Wiki docs could be improved / updated, but Dev Show and Tell - IDE Showcase video was helpful to some
    • Not as much effort on the Angular UI during this Sprint. We need to work on more balance for future Sprints.  We could even consider doing some future sprints specific to either REST API or Angular UI, to ensure consistent effort on both layers.