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  • Pascal-Nicolas Becker , The Library Code, 20% of my time.
  • Stefan Fritzsche , TU-Dresden, 40% of my time, unavailable on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Terrence W Brady , Georgetown University Library (availability  TBD)
  • Alina Budnitzki , TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany, unavailable on Tuesdays and Fridays, on Oct/3
  • Michael Spalti , Willamette Univ, 30%, availability TBD while traveling -- but will be available for sprint meetings
  • Bill Tantzen , University of Minnesota, 50%
  • Oliver Goldschmidt , Hamburg University of Technology, unavailable on Oct/3 (holiday in Germany), ~10-20% time for the Sprint. I'd like to complete the OpenSearch implementation started in the 2nd Sprint.
  • Christian Scheible , University of Konstanz, unavailable on Oct/3 (holiday in Germany), 20% of my time. Angular UI
  • @pablopPablo Prieto , Almat. 20% of my time. REST API.
  • Keith Gilbertson , Virginia Tech, available second week of Sprint, but traveling on October 12th
  • [Add your name, institution. Please include your estimated availability during the sprint (e.g. as a percentage) and/or list any days during sprint you are unavailable.  Also let us know if you prefer to work on the REST API or Angular UI, or both.]