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    Removal of support for OpenStack-based storage providers


      In order for multi-part upload support to function, one version of cloud-based large file support had to be selected. The S3 API has become the de-facto standard for object storage platforms, allowing for an expanded selection of storage options without the need to also support an additional API.


    Update DuraCloud media streaming (add support for HLS, to support HTML 5 and mobile viewers)

We’re also working on the following community artifacts:


Longer term items - working on this soon!

  • Updating DuraCloud media streaming (replacing RTMP with HLS, to support HTML 5 viewers)

  • Establish a process for contributing community use cases and requirementsAdapt the Fedora contributor license agreements (CLAs) to the DuraCloud project

  • Describing and differentiating DuraCloud in the context of the digital preservation ecosystem

  • Developing DuraCloud Case Studies

  • Working with a group of like-minded organizations on the Digital Preservation Declaration of Shared Values and other initiatives to support digital preservation