Project Summary

Welcome to the DuraCloud project!

DuraCloud is a suite of software applications used together to manage files stored in a variety of third-party storage systems. DuraCloud makes use of cloud storage for its many benefits and provides a consistent API and interface through which content is managed, as well as a second level of verification for all managed content.

DuraCloud was created by DuraSpace, a non-profit organization, to provide a hosted preservation storage solution as a service for those managing digital content without the tools to preserve it. We invite anyone interested in digital preservation for the common good to help us maintain, improve, and deploy DuraCloud to prevent the loss of culturally relevant digital content.

The DuraCloud Project strives to produce frequent releases, each with limited scope, in order to allow for updates to be deployed quickly. We work within the agile methodology and use continuous integration techniques. All work is focused on the current, supported release.

How to Get Involved


Our goals include working on the next major release and communications products to clarify and define DuraCloud for all project stakeholders.

Short term - what we're working on now

The next major software release, version 5.0, will focus on the following interrelated features:

We’re also working on the following community artifacts:

Longer term items - working on this soon!