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DuraSpace establishes DSpace, Fedora (Samvera/Islandora), VIVO, DuraCloud, and ArchivesDirect establishes partnerships with service providers (companies, non-profits, consortia, etc.) that wish to provide open source software services with the support of DuraSpace. Support can include marketing, communications, prospecting, and second-tier technical assistance as needed.

The DuraSpace Registered Service Provider (RSP) Program will be restructured and rebranded in 2018 as the DuraSpace Service Provider (DSP) Program. It will offer more ways to collaborate with DuraSpace for different types of service providers in our community, large and small.The goals of the new Program are four-fold:

  • Working more closely with open-source service providers to generate qualified leads and promote the adoption of DuraSpace open technologies to a broader group of prospect organizations

  • Celebrating the expertise and in-kind contributions of service providers as it propels the quality and functionality of our code-bases and open knowledge to empower users

  • Providing support and mentorship to service providers who want to start contributing to our communities

  • Generating revenue to fund DuraSpace fund DSpace, Fedora (Samvera/Islandora), VIVO, DuraCloud, and ArchivesDirect staff positions to manage code contributions/ merges, releases, bug fixes, and community leadership and outreach efforts in support of DuraSpace the open technologies and communities  

The new DuraSpace Service Provider (DSP) Program has three tiers:

  1. Certified DuraSpace Partners
  2. Certified DuraSpace Contributors
  3. DuraSpace Listed Service Providers

Each tier has categories for DSpace, Fedora, (Samvera/Islandora), VIVO, DuraCloud, and ArchivesDirect.  

The fees for participating in this support program support DuraSpace staff positions to manage project code and outreach efforts (70%), the administration of this program (20%), and DuraSpace’s role in open community leadership (10%). These financial contribution estimates will be adjusted at the end of each term based on DuraSpace staff worklogs and program revenue.

Our current list of service providers is available, here: A summary of the DSP program is available in our Program OutlineIf you’d like to be involved, fill out this form: you have a question, please contact Erin Tripp at etripp@duraspaceMichele Mennielli at