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The basic concept behind the DSpace 's Simple Archive Format is to create an archive, which is a directory containing one subdirectory per item. Each item directory contains a file for the item's descriptive metadata, and the files that make up the item.


  1. Create a separate file for the other schema named metadata_[prefix].xml, where the [prefix] is replaced with the schema's prefix.
  2. Inside the xml file use the dame same Dublin Core syntax, but on the <dublin_core> element include the attribute schema=[prefix].
  3. Here is an example for ETD metadata, which would be in the file metadata_etd.xml:

    Code Block
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <dublin_core schema="etd">
         <dcvalue element="degree" qualifier="department">Computer Science</dcvalue>
         <dcvalue element="degree" qualifier="level">Masters</dcvalue>
         <dcvalue element="degree" qualifier="grantor">Michigan Institute of Technology</dcvalue>