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  • Processes tailored to the entity types
  • Many additional data providers
  • Support for structured metadata, ternary relationships and nested metadata
  • Configurable layout for entities in tabs and boxes
  • ORCID v3 complete integration (pull and push of profile information, publications, projects)
  • Management of personal profiles
  • Granular permissions at metadata level
  • Enhanced statistics visualization, reports, export capabilities including CVs in PDF, citation lists according to the CSL, and much more.

Please check the release notes of each DSpace-CRIS version and the technical documentation for more details.

A presentation of the newly released DSpace-CRIS was given at Open Repositories:

slides: Video: (starting at: 1h 03' 55").

Next releases

2021.03.00 by the end of year: additional features such as publication claim, administrative merge tool, viewer framework and more. 

  • new Item Detail page based on the concept of matrix layout (see notes and presentations from the WG meetings in December and November)
  • performance improvements in browsing and search listing
  • enforce metadata profile in no-administrative edit screens (prevent to save change to item with invalid or missing mandatory metadata)
  • edit of html fragments on the home page
  • share on social networks via addthis
  • preview of DSpace 7.2 features

DSpace-CRIS 2022.01.00 expected in Feb 2022, sync with DSpace 7.2

  • ROR integration
  • COAR resourcetype vocabulary 3.0
  • other improvements to be defined according to the running projects and contributions

DSpace-CRIS 2022.02.00 expected in June/July 2022 sync with DSpace 7.3

  • Improvement to the correction service
  • other improvements to be defined according to the running projects and contributions


DSpace-CRIS 7 2021.02.01 November, 11th

The key changes in this release relate to alignment with DSpace 7.1 tag. Some additional nice features have been also introduced, see below for details

Key Enhancements
  • Alignement with DSpace 7.1 tag
  • Performance improvements
  • Aligned with DSpace 7.1 tag, several bugs have been resolved
Data migration
  • Added redirection from the legacy CRIS 5 details page to the new CRIS 7 details page
Data presentation
  • MyDSpace is now updated when a task is claimed
  • Allowed to use of graphical facets in home page and explore sections
  • Added PlumX widget for publication and person metrics
  • Hide relations box if the content is empty
  • Provided a valuepair rendering type for the item detail
Data quality & accuracy
  • Added the possibility to replace metadata value when item reference is resolved
Data security
  • Metrics boxes does not appear if the current user has no rights to see them
  • Allowed to turnoff completely the end user agreement
  • Prevented patch and put of item metadata if user is not allowed
  • Fixed the partially breaking of the reset password feature when usage terms are not yet accepted
  • Admin is now able to reset other user's password

DSpace-CRIS 7 2021.02.00 October, 27th

This version is aligned with DSpace 7.0 tag. It improves the stability of the platform and provide a better support for users migrating from DSpace-CRIS 5. Some additional nice features have been also introduced, see below for details

Key Enhancements
  • Subscription feature: functionality that allows you to receive updates on specific dspace objects
  • Introduced lucky search
  • Migration from DSpace-CRIS 5 improved (migrate ORCID tokens, metadata values language and boolean values)
  • Allow anonymous user to export items and search results