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  1. (tick) (Available in 7.3) (NEW) Advanced ORCID integration port from DSpace-CRIS to DSpace (Ticket #8157)
  2. (tick) (Available in 7.3) (NEW) Migrate additional "Live-Import" external metadata sources from DSpace-CRIS to DSpace: (Ticket #3359)
  3. (info) (In developmentComing soon in 7.5) (General) Support for hierarchical controlled vocabularies in Search interfaces, similar to 6.x. In 7.x, hierarchical controlled vocabularies are supported in the Submission form but not in Search. (UI ticket #815, REST ticket #2870)
  4. (tick) (Available in 7.4) (General) List of Recently Added Items (Recent Submissions) on homepage, similar to 6.x.  In 7.x, this is only available on Collection homepages. (UI ticket #667)
  5. (tick) (Available in 7.3) (Submission) SHERPA/RoMEO integration, similar to 6.x (UI ticket #769, REST ticket #2840)
  6. (warning) (Delayed, requires further analysis / discussion) (NEW) Export all personal data for your user account (compliance for privacy) (UI ticket #814, REST ticket #2888)
  7. (warning) (Delayed, as this feature is highly complex & may require significant effort or external funding.) (NEW) Extracting metadata from a bibliographic file (e.g. BibTex, PDF) to enrich an in-progress submission.  In 7.x, metadata extraction only will occur when uploading a file from the MyDSpace page to start a new submission. (REST ticket #2833)
  8. (info) (In development) (Submission) Supervision Orders (similar to 6.x JSPUI) (UI ticket #808, REST ticket #2878)
  9. (tick) (Available in 7.2) (General) Support "Browse By" configurations for custom browse options. In 7.0-7.1, "Browse By" options shown in the UI are hardcoded when they should be read from configuration. (UI ticket #852)
  10. (tick) (Available in 7.3) (Admin) Administrative Control Panel (similar to 6.x XMLUI) (UI ticket #801, REST ticket #2877)
  11. (tick) (Available in 7.3 - donated by The Library Code) (Submission) Support for type-based submission forms (<type-bind> configuration), similar to 6.x. (UI ticket #806, REST ticket #2873
  12. (tick) (Available in 7.2) (Submission) Make an item "private" during submission, similar to 6.x (UI ticket #768)
  13. (info) (In development) (NEW)  Signposting support, aligning with recommendations from the COAR Next Generation Repositories Report (UI ticket #811, REST ticket #2881) 
  14. (tick) (Available in 7.4) (Integrations) OpenSearch API support, similar to 6.x (UI Ticket #791, REST ticket #2869)
  15. (tick) (Available in 7.3) (NEW) Versioning support for Configurable Entities (UI ticket #1312, REST ticket #7937)
  16. (info) (In development) (Authentication) Ability to disable self-registration, similar to 6.x (REST ticket #3272)