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This page was created after the DCAT Meeting September 2015, where a working group was formed to prepare the test plans for the DSpace 6 Testathon.


  • Create two plans, one for XMLUI, one for JSPUI
  • Create these plans as collaborative spreadsheets (Google Docs)
  • Group the different tests per user persona/access level
    • Anonymous - Non-authenticated, anonymous users
    • Submitter - Authenticated user with submission rights
    • Collection Admin - Authenticated user with collection administration rights
    • Admin - Authenticated user with admin rights
  • Create plans to be used on
    • As a secondary benefit, it would be great if these plans can work as a model for in-house testing of your own upgrades.
    • It should be very clear what the reference installation on entails

Out of scope

  • Specific work on DSpace documentation
    • This will be treated in parallel, related to each new feature for which documentation needs to be reviewed
  • Tests for the other DSpace webapps
    • OAI-PMH
    • REST
    • SWORD
    • LNI
  • Performance and Load tests


Official drafts

JSPUI Test plan

XMLUI Test plan 

Different people's own test plans (examples)

Virginia Tech, VTechWorks -


  • LIKE

Mandatory fields (per test)

Ref - a short, unique reference that can be used in related JIRA tickets etc. example VIEW1


JIRA tickets - links to JIRA tickets that are related to this test. These links should never be removed, so we still have the entire backlog on what has changed to these tests.  

Structure of the test spreadsheets

The spreadsheets are organized into different tabs. Each tab represents a "role" of a user that is able to execute all tests on the tab. The roles who need a higher level of authorization are more on the right. This means that a role on the right could theoretically also execute all of the tests on the tabs more on the left (but we're not targetting that actively right now).

Requirements for installation

Integrations with external systems

Following integrations may not be enabled out of the box. They need to be configured to ensure they are "up and running" on

  • DOI
  • Google Analytics
  • Creative Commons (licensing)
  • Sherpa Romeo Lookup
  • LDAP or other custom authentication methods
    • Many people use this feature but I can't see how we can enable this on without also putting up an entire directory infrastructure.
      Emilio: what about LDAP directory "maintained" by Stewart Lewis? Just some need to define the same users at

Specific credentials

  • Admin email inbox: specific testers should have access to the email inbox that SHOULD receive entries in the repository feedback from, the "Request a copy" requests, ...
  • Google Analytics account

Checklist for features that should be enabled

  • Workflow: Basic workflow or XML workflow ??? Only one of the two can be enabled.
  • PDF cover page?
  • Versioning
  • Collection strength should be shown
  • Legacy stats ???? (Bram: I'm not in favor of still showing these or recommending use of them to anyone, but some people still seem to use them)
  • Thumbnail generation (filter media execution and potential XPDF installation)
  • outgoing email
  • i18n: ideally, all language files we have should be enabled, this makes it clear which messages are wrong/missing in which files.
  • disable weekly wipeouts for the time of testing so people don't have to start from scratch

DRAFT of our procedures that we want to add to the official testathon page

Unless specified otherwise, the credentials that should be used for the tests are the ones listed on the and /jspui homepages. 


Testathon page: DSpace Release 6.0 Testathon Page

DSpace 6 Testathon Role Managers

following volunteers are looking after (co-ordinating) each of the roles, represented by tabs in the XMLUI test plan:


Repository Administrator: Pauline Ward (on holiday) Susan Borda

JSPUI specific Role Managers (tentative)

Anonymous userMariya MaistrovskayaSean Xiao Zhao