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Timeframe: 3rd and 4th Quarters of 2015. The UI platform will be selected before the end of 2015.

  •  Establish one or more team(s) to prototype potential platforms for a UI. These team(s) will likely consist of volunteer or "donated" development resources
  •  [Late July?] (date TBD) : Begin prototyping at least 2-3 different UI platforms (Recommended that at least one of the prototyped UI platforms is Java-based, and at least one is non-Java based. Some possible options include those mentioned on Brainstorms on a Future UI)
    •  This early prototyping may be less structured, allowing teams to work at their own pace (within the given requirements and deadlines)
    •  A standard prototype will be defined in terms of simple feature sets it should try to achieve (e.g. be able to display an existing DSpace hierarchy, providing browse, search and basic editing capabilities).  All prototypes will be scoped such that they are achievable in a short amount of time (i.e. weeks, ideally not months), in smaller teams.
    •  Each platform should also be analyzed for how we might achieve other UI features on the RoadMap (e.g. configs in Admin UI, easy theming, etc) which are not within the scope of the prototype
    •  Each prototype much be kept transparent (on GitHub)
  •  [October] (date TBD) : The prototypes, their code, and initial notes/analysis will be made publicly available for community-wide feedback
    •  Reviewed more formally by Committers (and optionally DCAT members)
  •  [December] : A single UI platform will be selected from feedback and analysis of prototypes