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March 6, 2015, 1 PM EST


Dean, Jon (star), Kristi, Melissa, Robert, Paul, Mike, Jonathan, Debra 

(star)= note taker

Dial-In Number:  (209) 647-1600, Participant code: 117433#




Updates – summit presentation, summit discussions, steering group membership, orientation


Additional updates


Budget process

Mike, All


Communication processes



Topics for future Steering Group calls






I. Updates

  • Creating agenda for this meeting: make a page in the wiki and send in email. Group approved.
  • Creating notes of this meeting:
    • Jon permanent note taker (when available)
    • Mike produces public version of the notes on the public wiki
    • Group approved
  • Mike will develop one-page summaries of the summit discussion topics and who will lead them for inclusion in the attendees packets, so people can select which session(s) to go to
  • Mike and Jonathan will arrange orientation to Duraspace for Mike
  • The group discussed the need to move from incubator (self-appointed) steering group, to open/transparent group.
    • Jonathan and Mike will review the details of membership and selection and described in the governance documents
    • Mike will move to ex officio
    • Interest in rotating 1/3 of the members per year
    • Process: Review docs, discuss and refine in steering group, determine next steps.  Complete process before leadership group in May.
    • Group approved.

II. Additional updates from everyone

  • Positive feedback so far on the idea of Mike being the project director, have heard from nearly a majority
  • VIVO 1.8 – pushing to get a first test candidate
  • Opportunities for NCATS support of VIVO work
  • Continuing to identify opportunities for engagement in Europe
  • Potential proposals to develop scientific networks at national scale in south Asia
  • Opportunities to consider an open source ontology process.  Conversations at I Fest
  • Planning for "opening up VIVO" summit session proceeding
  • How to get more semantic web research engagement into VIVO
  • International Semantic Web conference in PA in October/November. Opportunity for VIVO to present and engage.
  • ORCID/VIVO webinar will be done as as part of a DuraSpace series

III. Budget

Mike will work with Debra and Jonathan to revise the budget based on actuals and current planing assumptions.  Then present here for review/revise, discussion, then on to leadership for final approval at their May meeting.

IV. Communication processes

 VIVO has always had communications closely aligned with core principles and concepts.  As we open up, we want to be sure that VIVO messaging and the VIVO brand are always on point. Planning needed so that VIVO maintains its strong brand identity. Discuss branding guidelines, policies and processes, requirements for mailing lists and whether we can simplify.  Likely the work of a task force.  Short term, items can be handled by Steering Group in close communication with Duraspace staff.

V. Brainstorming about future steering group call topics

  • Transition to the new steering group
  • Recruiting the tech lead
  • Transparency about the budget process
  • VIVO Search and partners
  • VIVO as a arbiter/provider/supplier of persistent URIs
  • Partnerships – who, when, why, how are they nurtured?
  • VIVO as a key leader in promoting the linked scholarly landscape, as key glue linking expertise
  • Services that we may want to provide
  • How to make VIVO a better addition to an institution's software environment
  • Nurturing/monitoring.promoting the task forces

VI. Brief discussion regarding mechanics of releasing communications through various channels regarding Project Director announcement.