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The Compound Solution pack module adds the ability to to create what are called "compound objects using ." Compound objects gather together objects created with any other Islandora solution pack by enabling . When you create a compound object, a generic parent-child relationships between objects. relationship is authored between the existing objects and the new compound object (implying a sibling relationship between the objects gathered as "children" of the new compound). These objects are ordered as part of the compound (so an object becomes "part one" of the compound object). This is reflected in the RELS-EXT datastream. 

The object view of a compound object is replaced by the view of its first child object. The included After a compound object is created, the "Islandora Compound Object Navigation" block provides a thumbnail navigation of an object's siblings. A must be activated and set in an appropriate region. When a user navigates to a compound object, this block will render a thumbnail view of all the additional objects linked via the compound object. In addition, a "Compound" management tab allows for the addition and , removal of parent and child objects for each object as well as reordering of a compound object's child objects.., and reordering of objects from the compound object.

Configuration options are available through the Compound objects administrative menu (admin/islandora/solution_pack_config/compound_object)


Enable the Islandora compound object module (admin/modules). There exists two block options for displaying compound objects within Islandora. : The first is the default "Islandora Compound Object Navigation" block (admin. Go to admin/structure/block/manage/islandora_compound_object/compound_navigation/configure) will provide configureto find navigation controls and loading of load all objects related to the parent compound. The"Islandora Compound Object JAIL Display" block (admin/structure/block/manage/islandora_compound_object/compound_jail_display/configure) uses the JAIL library which allows for lazy loading of images. This allows the block to load images only when they are being accessed which will greatly increase performance on compounds with many children. 


To create a compound object:

  • Go to parent collection.
  • Click "Manage".
  • Enable the "Compound Object" module object under "Collection" tab, then click "Update Collection Policy".
  • After enabling the compound object module, adding compound objects to your Collection Policy, you will be able to click the "Overview" tab then and "Add an Object".
  • Select "Compound Object" then "Next".
  • Select "Compound Object MODS form" then "Next".
  • Fill in the form then click "Next".Note  Note that you will not be ingesting an object datastream at this point, you are just creating the an empty "parent" compound object that you will then be able to add "child" objects to.
  • After the compound object has been created, you can add "child" objects . Click under "Manage" > "Compound".
  • Under the "Add Child Object" field, enter the PID for each object to be added to the compound object, then click submit. If you do not use drush, you must do this onceone-at-a-time for each PID. An autocomplete will also allow you to search for the object by its label if this is relevant. Once a child has been added to the compound, the view of the compound will use the metadata and thumbnail from the first object to render the main object view. 


The module has documented configuration options at admin/islandora/solution_pack_config/compound_object.