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Comment: info on tags & bumping example version to 4.1


If you would like to develop on DSpace for your local needs (University, Library, or Institution), you are encouraged to fork this GitHub repository (see also #Developing from a Forked Repository section below), and commit your changes to your personal/organizational repository. We recommend that you build your repository off of a released "tag" of DSpace such as dspace-4.1. 8.2A tag is a human readable marker for a specific commit. Unlike branches, on which commits are added as they grow, tags are supposed to be static. The benefit of being based off of a tag/release-branch is that releases have a series of testing phases to ensure high quality, and there is some maintenance of bug and security fixes.

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git checkout dspace-

From there, you can follow the standard DSpace build instructions in order to build/install DSpace from the source code. For example: