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VIVO Breakout Session  Mike Conlon, recorder


Attendees: Mike Conlon (UF), Bill Barnett (IU),  Hal Warren (APA), Julia Trimmer (Duke),


Mike Bolton (


Texas A&M),


Dean Krafft (Cornell), Robert McDonald (Indiana),


Mike Winkler (Penn), Daniel Calto (Elsevier), Jonathan Breeze (Symplectic), Alex Viggio (Digital Science), Paul Albert (Weill Cornell), Delphine Canno (


Temple, by Skype), Andrew Ashton (Brown), Jon Corson-Rikert (Cornell, by video)


Three discussion areas:

  1. VIVO Roadmap – Dean Krafft, facilitator
  2. VIVO Strategy – Jonathan Markow, Facilitator
  3. VIVO Strategy – Bill Barnett, Facilitator

VIVO Roadmap -- Dean Krafft, Facilitator


Vivo 1.6 -- VIVO-ISF, CTSAConnect, Eagle-I, bidirectional API via SPARQL, HTTP caching, search indexing, developer tools, landing page improvements.  1.6.1 running through tests. 

If a grant or other sponsor can pay for a specific feature that does not take away from the strategy or roadmap, and gifts back the feature to the vivo core, there is general support.    

A collection of architectural use cases -- VIVO as an engine, an aggregator, an information representation, as data store used for external apps,  Balance use cases in the development roadmaproad map. 

Need for documentation.  Using, installing, adding code.  To build development community -- Internal code needs documentation.  Architecture documents. Development process. On boarding documentation.

 Some possible new features:

  • Control the rank ordering in search results


  • Linked data for libraries will need billion triple scale stores and support for commercial triple stores.


  • Internationization.  Labeling.  Or in operation of the software.


  • Archival vivo.


  • External URIs.


  • Ontology editor improvements, application ontology, ISF module support


  • Multi-site search


  • Vivo linkages 


Annual There will be an annual survey at the Ifest.


With ISF, would I need eagle-I?  Would an eagle-I need VIVO?


Implementation Fest.

How is the roadmap developed?  Users, sponsors, technical. Interaction with grant funded effort.  Community of developers. Balancing allocation.  Sponsors, steering.  Ideas -> proposals -> vetting -> deciding  

Time-based vs feature-based release?


Most  Most prefer time-based release.  Easier to plan.  Possibly bi-annual.


Action items 

Project Director hire.  Community assessment of desirable features before Austin?  Time at Austin to disucss? Roadmap proposal.   Goals: Functioning organization, roadmap development


Governance -- Jonathan Markow, Facilitator 

Reviewed the project charter describing governance and membership. 

Spending incubation period developing governance and membership.  Founding members are Platinum members with designation as Founders.  Other levels range from bronze at $2500 to Diamond at $30,00. Membership campaign in the spring -- we have a handful of non-founders currently. 

Recognize in-kind contributions.  1/2 developer would be same as platinum, on the leadership group. 

Steering committee -- billBill, Paul, deanDean, Jon, mikeMike, Kristi, Robert, Jonathan, Project Director.  Should be elected by the leadership group. 

Leadership group -- platinum and above.  Elect the steering group. Clarify the role of the leadership group  regarding strategy, budget.  Intended to function as a board.

Project members -- submit requests, vote for two at large leadership group members


Work groups




Work groups – largely volunteer effort with focus on an aspect of VIVO – implementation, core development, apps & tools, ontology, outreach

Duraspace – shepard the development of all things VIVO – software, community, process

Use cases for governance.  How do we create a roadmap?  How do we develop a strategic plan?  How do we develop and approve a budget? Allocate resources?  how  How (when/process) do we name the steering committee?    

Input rights -- bronze and silver

Decision rights -- platinum and diamond 

Project members at the bronze level.  Consortia membership is possible to encourage participation outside the US. Learn from other projects and Duraspace.


VIVO Strategy -- Bill Barnett, Facilitator 

VIVO business model -- membership, committed people, project director, Duraspace, alignment with institutuonal interests. 

Kernel, application, ontology, applications


What is our business?  competitors?  Public, shareable, Machine consumable,  human human attribute storage.  With lineage, trust. Create and Share data about scholarly work.


Alliances.  People who create and share scholarly work.  We're not in the publishing business, nor administrative function, nor repository businessbusinesses. 

The concept of VIVO data and promoting The the production ofVIVO of VIVO data by any means. 

Spurring adoption --early adopters, secondary messaging, early middle (value propositions), late middle (everyone else is doing it, compliance). Enabling implementation, changing the ROI. Having usage and implementation stories at various scales.