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The policies specifying which content models are applied to a collection are stored with the collection object as a COLLECTION_POLICY datastream, which is viewable on the Datastreams management page of the collection.

You can manage a collection's content models using the 'Manage collection policy' page. This tutorial will explain how to navigate to that page and use it.

1. Navigate to the desired collection

Simply click on the collection whose policy you want to manage.

2. Click the 'Manage' tab

This will bring you to that collection's management page.

3. Click the 'Collection' button

This will bring you to the collection options page.

This will bring up the tool for managing the collection's policies.

5. Edit the collection policy

For each content model you would like to edit in the collection, there are a couple of steps to take:

  1. The box next to the Content Model PID will need to be checked off. In this example, we will be adding the 'PDF Solution Pack' model to our collection.
  2. A namespace needs to be applied to the content model. In this example, we are changing it from the default 'islandora' namespace.
  3. Once all content models have been selected and configured, click 'Update Collection Policy' to save your changes. Selected content models will be moved to the top of the list.

Selecting the default namespace is okay; however, if your Fedora Repository services multiple sites, any sites using the same namespace will have access to each others items. It is advisable in these cases to create unique namespaces to avoid any security issues.


It's worth noting here that Islandora supports more content models than the ones provided out-of-the-box; for a bit of info on how to get started creating your own content models, check out the Creating Custom Content Models section.