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See Trading reviews on Pull Requests for how to get immediate attention to that PR!



Discussed new timelines for version 8.0 release, bug fixes, and documentation: 

  • Bug Fix PR Creation Deadline: Friday, May 3 May 17 
  • Bug Fix PR Merge Deadline: Friday, May 10 May 24
  • Final Documentation & Release Week: May 13-17 May 27-31
  • 8.0 Release Announced: Monday, May 20, 2024 June 3

The timelines are still tentative and may be adjusted according to progress with open tasks.


The team is in the process of testing DSpace 8 features not tested during Testathon:

  • A number of bug tickets were created in GitHub and assigned 
  • (High priority) tickets need to be closed out on GitHub before version 8 can be released

Went through and discussed list of bugs on GitHub that are currently unassigned:

  • Identified and discussed high priority bugs
  • Item version input form is not displayed in DSpace 8, redirect doesn't occur properly to submission form – assigned to Guiseppe Digilio

Discussed backend issues currently not resolved:

  • Discussed minor issues (e.g. COAR Notify)
  • Discussed high priority issues
    • Potential security issue around RSS feed exposing items that are fully restricted (#9511) – Tim Donohue will see if he can find time
    • 9499 Previously failed ZIP exports will also fail subsequent ZIP exports – Andrea Bollini (4Science) will work on it, provided that Atmire is not already working on
    • Item Counts (#9437) – When turning on counts, it breaks the community list – Truly high priority? – Tim Donohue will work on it
  • Release date will depend on how quickly the Dev team can get bug fixes done

Open Repositories 2024

Discussed the organization and plan for the developers workshop (DSpace at OR2024#DSpaceDeveloperMeet-UpandQ&A)

Tim Donohue will send a list of topics to the OR workshop organizer to forward to workshop attendees

High CPU Usage 

Discussed the problem of high CPU usage 

Feedback/Suggestions are welcome (Performance Tuning DSpace)

Michał Dykas (and team) has suggestions on how to optimize performance, will share with Dev team at next weeks meeting (5 min), will also proceed with documentation to get started

DSpace 7.x Maintenance

Tim is planning to to create a PR to backport, unless there are objections

Board Review & assignments:

Discussed and assigned high-priority items that need reviewer assignment 

Anything on this board that is currently not high priority may get dropped from version 8.0 because of time restraints