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  1. New themed component and linting rules
    1. Proposed by: Art Lowel (Atmire) 
    2. Brief overview: changed how making a component themeable works, in order to lower the chance of making a mistake. I could give an overview of what's changed, what you need to know to upgrade existing themes. We can also discuss and in that regard
  2. New python library for managing dspace: dspyce
    1. Proposed by: Eike Löhden, Jörg Bieszczak (University Marburg)
    2. Brief overview: With dspyce, we are developing a library to communicate with DSpace via RestAPI (or SAF). The library is still under development. It enables you to add, retrieve, update or delete data in DSpace, to work with bitstreams, entities and statistics. We could provide a short overview about the functionalities and would discuss further needs.
  3. The new correction & publication claim services
    1. Proposed by: Andrea Bollini (4Science) 
    2. Brief overview: DSpace 8 introduces two new major services / framework that have been used to implement some of the new features introduced with DSpace 8 such as the OpenAIRE Broker Integration, the COAR Notify and Withdrawn/Reinstate workflow (see Quality Assurance , Publication Claim). These frameworks are expected to be used to implement more features and integrations in the next dspace versions and are a good fit for many use cases.
  4. The COAR Notify protocol
    1. Proposed by: Andrea Bollini (4Science) 
    2. Brief overview: opportunity for asynchronous interoperability between other systems and DSpace (see also )
  5. Improvements to the login process when multiple provider are enabled
    1. Proposed by: Andrea Bollini (4Science) 
    2. Brief overview: porting of the Improvements to the ORCID Login Flow made in DSpace-CRIS and future opportunities to extend it to other providers
  6. Example Topic
    1. Proposed by: 
    2. Brief overview: