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  • Sergio Santamarina, John Jung, Bertrand Caron, Jack O'Malley, Ricc Ferrante


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jk: Welcome to our newest WG member, Sergio Santamarina, from University of José C Paz, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
ss: our university has 35,000 students, we're embracing OJS, OMP; we here in part due to difficulty complying with PID standards
bc: have heard from someone (LS) who works with Czech museum and wants to connect with French museums
jk: will be working with JJung on a decent 35-minute ARK intro (rather than various talks recorded under random circumstances)
jk: CDL planning transition of n2t resolver in early March

Any news items we should blog about? Any calls for papers, submission deadlines, upcoming meetings we should note? Please add to Calendar of events.

jk: recently found out a out ARLIS/NA (Art Libraries Society of North America, New York Chapter) and their interesting conferences, next one in Pittsburgh
jo: I think one of our art historians is going to that meeting; have time to work on blog post in early march; we have 40k ARKs and there's lots of excitement now
rf: deadline for the PIDfest is tomorrow
ss: maybe talk about the APA (Africa PID Alliance)? interesting that the UNESCO open science document has an ARK, but the document itself doesn't really talk about ARKs
rf: does anyone know anyone looking at intersection of ARKs and data standard updates, eg, EAD, SNACC? I've started a thread with Mark Custer as ArchivesSpace administrators

Blog post template trial with WACREN
delayed due to conference preparation

walkthrough of an editing scenario for content

draft doc steps

similar to previous walkthrough at Tech WG meeting
rf: will see if I can find someone at SI to help with confluence wiki conversion
ss: would be nice to have a priority list of new website sections to translate
bc: I could work on translation of the interministerial ARK guidelines (from French to English)

ARKs in wikidata

ARK wikipedia talk page – minor issues from talk page

bc, jj: will work up topic of ARKs in wikidata for next Outreach meeting; want to collaborate with wiki projects and archival sources; also want to work on guidelines for things that have ARKs
jo: Frick has some Qids (wkdata) as source data for our 40K ARKs; happy to share what I'm doing in this

Spec transition status via best practices draft

ran out of time

Action items